List of Compatible Cydia Apps for iPad

10 May 2010 By Shashank

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If you have already jailbroken your iPad, then you must be wondering about which jailbroken apps to install from Cydia’s huge list of apps, fortunately Musclenerd has come with a list of compatible Cydia apps that are safe to install on your iPad, the list is divided into three categories, Cydia apps with GREEN status are safe to install, whereas RED status are not recommended and apps with YELLOW status are the ones that are partially working. List of working Jailbroken apps for iPad after the jump.

List of Cydia Apps Compatible with iPad

  1. Addexchange
  2. afc2add
  3. Applinks
  4. Backgrounder
  5. Bossprefs
  6. BTstack Wii Controls
  7. CyDelete
  8. Cydia
  9. Cyntact
  10. FakeCarrier
  11. GPSPhone
  12. iFile
  13. iLocalis
  14. Infinitiboard
  15. Infinidock
  16. Installous
  17. mAdVLock
  18. MakeitMine
  19. MemToll
  20. MetaSpoit
  21. Multiexchange
  22. Multiiconmover
  23. Musiccontrols
  24. Mx tube
  25. MyWi
  26. N64iPhone
  27. nano
  28. NES
  29. Netatalk
  30. Network cmds
  31. Poof
  32. Privacy
  33. ProTapper
  34. Quick dismiss
  35. Quicklock
  36. Respring
  37. Rock
  38. roqyBT GPs
  39. Rotation Inhibitor
  40. SBSettings
  41. SNes4iPhone
  42. Tapmania

You can view the full list here

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TheAngryIntern says:

Wrong about SBSettings. Tried twice today and it froze up the iPad and had it suck on the Apple screen. Had to restore it back to factory settings to get it unbricked.

Julian says:

There was promise of thousnds of cydia apps for the iPad. There are just some dozens of them. So not really worth my trouble to jailbreak my iPad. I am really looking for phone dialed for the iPad. Can anyone help?


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