3D Killzone 3 Coming to PS3

24 May 2010 By Shashank


Killzone 2 was one of the best selling PS3 games of all times, now a sequel named Killzone 3 is revealed which is all set to release in 3D and will take the story to the next level along with much awaited multiplayer component that might become one of the most advanced in gameplay as it will be featuring gun mounted jetpacks this time, you could be fighting mid air as well as on land.

Killzone 2 was one of the best multiplayer on consoles and Killzone 3 is expected to retain that title with intense singleplayer and multiplayer combats. The characters Sev and Rico returns in the sequel along with more badass Helghans.

To play the PS3 exclusive in 3D, you would need a compatible 3D TV (check out Toshiba’s latest approach) with glasses, single player campaign can be played in 3D after a firmware update of PS3.

Sneak Peek at Killzone 3 (scans for Gamepro)

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via Playstation Team

Killzone 3 Release Date

Killzone 3 is rumored to hit shelves in April 2011.

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Looks like a good game, again! They’re doing quite a good job there in making Killzone, I hope part 3 will be as good as part 2!

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