How to Jailbreak iPad [iPad Jailbreak Tutorial]

3 May 2010 By Shashank

spirit ipad jailbreak tool

Recently iPad Jailbreak solution Spirit is made available for free download through which you can jailbreak your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch on the latest firmware, in this tutorial we will provide you step by step instructions to jailbreak your iPad. Please note that Spirit is the jailbreak software only and it will not carrier unlock your iPhone and iPad 3G. Follow the guide given below to jailbreak your iPad :

How to Jailbreak iPad

  • Download the Awesome Spirit Jailbreak
  • Connect your iPad with iTunes, our version of iTunes was iTunes 9 but it will also work with the latest iTunes 9.1.1
  • Sync your iPad with iTunes first
  • Right Click on Spirit.exe and Select Compatibility mode to “Windows 98/ME”, see screenshot below, we were using Windows 7

spirit ipad windows 7

  • Now double click the Spirit.exe and click on Jailbreak

ipad jailbreak success

In a few seconds the iPad will reboot and you will be presented with jailbroken iPad with Cydia, See Screenshot below.

cydia on ipad 001

Enjoy your Jailbroken iPad.

If you have any questions or confusion, let us know in comments.


Update to this jailbreak tutorial for latest iPad firmware is now available.

Read our latest guide to Jailbreak iPad with Redsn0w.

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Apple 11 comments


ipad jailbreaker says:

thanks… worked perfect.


James says:

If I jailbreak my ipad, will I be able to download music from iTunes on the iPad and then sync it with iTunes on my computer?… in other words, will this jailbreak change the way i sync my ipad with my computer now?

Shashank says:

I am glad it worked for you.

Everything will remain the same, with jailbreak you will get additional functionality like themes and third party apps for your iPad along with everything that was available before jailbreak.

Yes you will be able sync your music as always.

James says:

awsome, thank you

awsam1 says:

i downloaded spirit & ipad rebooted, now its asking (who are you) gives me a choice to click -user -hacker -developer is that right? so which one should i pick?

Shashank says:

You must be inside Cydia.

tap on User or Developer, nothing much to worry about.

mark says:

Hi – would appreciate some help with this. Got my ipad – but it would not show up in devices with iTunes 9.1 (ipod was fine).
Ended up upgrading to iTunes 9.2 and iPad was visible so I could transfer files. Now I ran the Sprint application and can see Cydia on my iPad but I don’t think the iPad is jailbroken.
I tried downgrading back to iTunes 9.1 but it would not display my ipad. So in short:

1) Am I able to fully re-initialize my iPad. So its like new and I can try it again with iTunes 9.1
2) Is there a way to jailbreak an iPad which has been initialised with iTunes 9.2
Thanks for your help. Mark

david says:

hi, when i jailbreak my ipad it was sucessful. then my ipad rebooted and the load button is going turning for about 12 hours until now! what should i do?
i am confused

linda says:

i couldn’t down load spirit for the ipad. when i connect the device it gives me “device ipad (3.2.1) is not supported. help please.

Martin says:

I have a question. Concerning jailbreaking my Ipad.
I followed the procedure (spirit, downloading itunes 9.1) and tried to start this version of itunes on my windows pc.
I wanted to synchronise first (not to loose anything on my ipad)
The response was: itunes can’t be started (error) because the library is from a newer version.
So, I had to install a later version of itunes again to get things started.

Is there a solution to this library-problem (without loosing applications)?

(Forgive me my terrible English!)

bradley says:

i wonder if my ipad is still in version 3.3ish, is it ok to use the program to jailbreak, or i have to upgrate to 4.0

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