Cydia on iPad: What’s Inside [Exclusive]

3 May 2010 By Shashank

cydia on ipad 004

As you all know the iPad Jailbreak is now available and we’ve also posted easy  instructions to jailbreak iPad and getting Cydia on iPad. If you haven’t tried the jailbreak on your iPad yet and is curious about how does Cydia looks on iPad?, then we are posting here the inside screenshots of Cydia on iPad.

Please note the Cydia isn’t fully developed for iPad and the devs are currently working on it to make it fully compatible as soon as possible.

Enjoy the Screenies of Cydia on iPad

cydia on ipad 004cydia on ipad 003 cydia on ipad 006cydia on ipad 005

Not many Cydia apps are available for iPad as of now, most of them are for iPhone and iPod Touch

cydia on ipad 007

Compatible Cydia Apps on iPad

As of now the compatible Cydia apps for iPad are SBSettings, Activator, Preference Loader and Veency, whereas Winterboard Cydia app for iPad is currently in the works. Installous and Appsync for iPad are also said to be in development and will be updated soon.


View the List of Compatible Cydia Apps for iPad.

Update: iPad Jailbreak Tutorial

How to Jailbreak and get Cydia on iPad

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David says:

Among the cydia apps I really like the winter board app and sbsettings app… This is something apple shuld ve included with iPad in first place

Btw installous and app sync are working now with iPad

O.M. says:

any repositories for ipad???

Rushdi says:

Hey guys so I got a new iPad it’s 3.2.1 and I am interested In jail breaking my iPad.I want to know if the jailbreak website would work. Coz I read that 3.2.1is unable to update,so could u pls help me out and also could I download any of the paid apps on the iPad market through cydia

yoyo says:

why doesnt the Cydia app excist in App store??

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