Zune HD Hack: Download OpenZDK

17 April 2010 By Shashank

Zune HD Hacks

The guys at Zuneboards have released a first ever hack for the Microsoft Zune HD, named OpenZDK which allows full access to Zune hardware previously denied by XNA framework, this translates to the beginning of the development of third party apps and software like emulators, games etc just like the case is today with the jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch. OpenZDK can be used to hack ZuneHD and all the previous Zune models.

Download OpenZDK Quickstart Kit Edition 1

OpenZDK allows developers to make applications using the powerful Tegra APX2600 graphics chip using custom vertex and fragment shaders with OpenGL ES 2.0, without any limitations imposed by closed Microsoft XNA Framework. Quickstart kit contains sample programs along with  a 3D Demo showing the 3D graphics capability of the hacked Zune device.

Download from OpenZDK from Hotfile, More download mirrors available here

OpenZDK Torrent Download Link

Find latest information about Zune HD Hacking at the Official ZunedevWiki

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