Remote Controlled Female Robot: Geminoid F

7 April 2010 By Shashank


Researchers at the Osaka University in collaboration with robot maker  Kokoro have created a realistic looking remote controlled female robot named Geminoid F, it is capable of speech and mimicking facial expressions of the remote human operator. The robot also has soft silicone skin, long black hair and a set of teeth for natural smile controlled by pneumatic actuators.

Geminoid F Video


Geminoid F can be controlled via Remote location though easy to use teleoperation system which tracks the operator’s facial movements by smart camera sensors which is then transmitted to robot control system  to coordinate the movement of pneumatic actuators to reproduce facial expressions on female robot.    

Geminoid F Android Robot is priced at around $110,000. Shipping starts next month.

Press Release via Pinktentacle

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