New Nokia Mobiles: C6, C3 and E5

14 April 2010 By Shashank


Nokia has dropped the curtains of three new handsets, C6, C3, E5, all of them are targeted towards the new generation of social media users with full QWERTY keypads for efficient and fast typing. Nokia C6 (above) is the most feature rich among the three with 3.2 inch touchscreen, slide out QWERTY keypad, other features include 5 Megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, FM Radio, A-GPS and Bluetooth EDR.

Nokia E5


E5 is the new model in the Nokia E series of mobile phones, it has a 2.4 inch screen, 5 megapixel camera, QWERTY keypad along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and A-GPS, the lowest priced handset among the three is the Nokia C3 which is a Symbian S40 mobile again with full QWERTY keypad, 2.4 inch screen, features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 2 megapixel camera.

Nokia C3 – Nokia’s Cheapest QWERTY handset


Price of Nokia C6 – Symbian S60

C6 is priced at $299 (Approx Rs 13,270)

Release Date: Q2 2010

Price of Nokia E5 – Symbian S60 3rd edition

C6 is priced at $245 (Approx Rs 10,870)

Release Date: Q3 2010

Price of Nokia C3 – Symbian S40

C6 is priced at $245 (Approx Rs 5,410)

Release Date: Q2 2010

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R.karthik kumar says:

respected sir,
sir, am karthik(b’tech), we want dual sim cells from nokia,sir am saw the nokia c3,c6 model phones,
sir c3,c6 models i want dual sim in this models.
thanking sir

yours faithfully,
nokia customers

amber says:

i want c6 to be release soon.i really need a new phone rite now and i really want this phone.please put it in the market soon.

Keshav says:

Conferm the Launching date of Nokia C6

sameer says:

sir…. kindly let me knw exact release date of all the 3 models shown above… m desperately waiting 4 all of them… especially nokia e5

KAMAL says:

i want c6 to be release date soon.i really need a new phone rite now and i really want this phone.please put it in the market soon.. . . . i’m waiting for your reply

KAMAL says:

i want c6 to be release date soon.i really need a new phone rite now and i really want this phone.please put it in the market soon.. . . . i’m waiting for your reply

Ansari says:

Let me know the release date of C6 i want this cell at any cost

kunal sharma says:


plzzzz let me know the launching date & price of nokia c6 i m awaiting….

bharathi says:

sir plssssssssssssssss . i need nokia c6 to release soonnnnnnnnnnnnnn

mangesh says:

hey price of nokia c6 should b less yaar.

hey nokia techies….. i want u guys 2 release ur c6 smartphone in d market very soon

ekta jain says:

plz i want c3 to be released soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sanjay patel says:

releasing date of noika c6

sanjay says:

i would like 2 know d release date for nokia c6 in india pls let me know at my cell- 09032685789

amber says:

when are the nokia people going to put c6 in the market…its urgent please tell me

KpK says:

Hey its fake that nokia is not going to launch its just nokia is unable stand in the phone market bcoz samsung is in leading so.. it has anounced like that.. if it is real then why they are not launched these models.?

Sarath says:

Launch NOKIA C6,as soon as possible.
Or atleast tell the date in which it is going to be released?

cherry says:

Release it soon …..
We are waitng for it


Kindly send me the realising date of the Nokia C6 i m despirate to buy this set as soon as possible….so kindly inform me the date……jeet

Isha says:

I ned c6 plz.Release it soon and in lower price because it has to compete with others.. And then will be a hit

Isha says:

Hey in this june only please. Release it. Its too much that its only sayin it will release and it will release. But when will the day come

jaswanth says:

pls snd me the release date of nokia c6.i really need it.
im waiting for it sr.

BlackLight says:

Please update ……. and confirm the price of Nokia C6

I’ve Been waiting for it since over one month ……..

Shashank says:

Nokia C6 will be hitting stores in the last week of June or first week of July.

official price not available yet.

Isha says:

Its too much that nokia is not releasing the cells

Isha says:

How did you know shashank

jeetu says:

i want c6 to be release soon.i really need a new phone rite now and i really want this phone.please put it in the market soon.

Adekl figo says:

Please release the c6 as fast as u can i want to buy it at any cost.

Maisara says:

i like so much nokia c6 so,i want c6 to be release date soon.i really need c6 rite now want this phone urgently .please put it in the market soon.. . . . i’m waiting for your reply yaar………..

AJ says:

I Want to buy d nokia c6…..
Can’t wait….
Some sites mentioned it being released in the third week of june…
Please put it in the market soon…..

sid says:

hi sir i like to know weather nokia 5730 will be released in india ??????

SriS says:

its waste to wait for Nokia releases. i have been waiting from last 3 months.. they are not yet released any of those model so i bought Lg GD510 at 6500 its worthy and Lg service is better than the Nokia service.
think before waiting.

nokia says:

the releasing date for c6 is 18 july 2010
in most of the contrys as the shedule

Gurpinder says:

Whn nokia c6 available in market plz tell me right date

Vinci says:

when nokia c6 will be launched.

ajay says:

yaar c6 launch karna hai ya nai mai jaida wait nahi kar sakta plzz reply its price and date nai samsung is last option

pradeep kumar arya says:

hello sir/madam
plz its my handfolded request to you tell me what,s the c-3 releasing date in india.


raman says:

i wait alot for nokia c3 plz tell me when nokia c3 launching in market and i very greatful that nokia c3 launch in june 2010 pzzzzzzzzzz???/

raman says:

kamsekam date to e mail kar hi dena on my e mail address plz

raman says:

and my phone no is 01126237686 i m giving my home no bcse i dont have phe but have sim swich off

yash says:

when nokia c3 launch in india give me exact date of kaunching

Dr Krunal says:

Respected sir,

Want to knw dat wat is exact price nd releasing date of c6..m realy need this model as i want to replace it with n81…nw i realy want dis c6..otherwise i have to go wid sony..pls tel me abt releasing date of c6 sothat i can wait 4 it..

syed hussain says:


we r egarly waiting for the launch of the new models don’t make us wait for too long

S/ware says:

is nokia C6 with anodriod version r others


pleae confirm available in patna market nokia mobile model no-C6 my I.D & Mobile No-9934630132.


please confirm available in patna market of Nokia mobile set no-C6, my I.D & Mobile No-9934630132.

love says:

hey dear frnds it vll b available in the chandigarh market within a week as per Danik Bhaskar well as dealers….of chandigarh.
Thank u

Akhil Sharma says:

i want c6 to be release soon.i really need a new phone rite now and i really want this phone.please put it in the market soon.pppplllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

v k singh says:

please let me know the release date of nokia c6.thanks,

v k singh says:

please let me know the release date of nokia c6.thanks,

RAJAN says:

i want to know the exact releasing date of nokia c3 in chandigarh…….i need that phone right nowwwwwww…..please release this in market soonnn

Manohar says:

Hey i’m frustrated waiting 4 nokia c6 so i’m going to wait last 10days for c6 and then i would go for sony vivaz pro and my sincere suggestion to nokia is to release it soon or else it has to loose all of its customers …..

Jimmy says:

We hav some pcs of c6 i u want the mail me the price is Rs.13,800
and full paymen b4 delivery/pick up frm us.

After careful thot mail me with ur full contact details at

srinivas says:

i want to know when c3 will release? is it available in the market? what is the price?

Sam says:

I want to know when c3 will be launched in india?

Sourav says:

When C6 Nokia model will come in the Kolkata market.Pl. confirm.

Anonymous says:

289€ is way too much…first they offered 225€ now they are hiking it up to 289€…this is purely cheating and playing with the emotions of the customers…already they have lost many customers by making them wait and now if they increase the price of it then they will lose rest of their customers too…nokia’s future depends wholly upon this phone…first thing is they must launch it at the earliest and second thing is they shouldnt increase the price of it…

Jimmy says:

Available c3,e5 and c6 at 6.8k,10.5k and 13.8k respectively with us mail at

Anonymous says:

Dont trust this Jimmy…he is 100% faking around

Jimmy says:

Dear,how u proof that i m fake….

Chintan says:

Pls let me know the exact date of launching of nokia c6 and exact price in india…





manpreet says:

when it will launch in chandigarh



kumar says:

release it man.. waiting for last 2 months.

Iffat says:


NIDHI says:

kindly tell me the launching date of e5, c3 and c6…..
I m eargly waiting 4 it.

Somnath says:

Actually this is a marketing strategy to make people wait for their products and deny other brands .nokia is not ready to launch these models yet.they also want to ensure selling other higher priced models having simmilar features like the n97 mini or e72.

Arun deo says:

pls informed me when it will be comes in market,i am wating 4 this.I want this mobile soon as posible.

shaikh fahad says:

jimmy is fake he has scammed me for iphone n eaten my 24000 thousand plzzzz people dont deposit money in his a/c

siddharth says:

sir plzz temme ven is c6 cumin to delhi

darkX says:

you fools, why do you trust an anonymous Jimmy, and deposit money in his a/c? Wait until an authorised retailer near your city (if online, it should also be near your city in India to avoid any possible issue) stocks it. If it’s released, Nokia won’t be keeping you waiting and begging for it.

Sushil Kumar says:

Awaiting to C6 mobile, please confirm release date.

aparna says:

guys please understand that these models will be released in third quater so these models will be available in the market around November. If any one says that these models are avaialble with them and they ready to sell then it is 100% fake. Never try to get mobile from people just relay only on shops.

Hi Jimmy, please dont play with people’s money

mazhar says:

contact me if someone needs c6.My no is 9028390687.

Sanju says:

plz letme know the arrival date in market of nokia C6

Zahid says:

Sorry to all nokia c3,c6 and e5 lovers. This mobile will only be available in indian market in mid janurary next year. C3 ,c6 and e5 will cost approximately 5600, 13,800 and 10,650 respectively. E5 will be released 1st then followed by c3 and c6. For more details you can email me at

manoj says:

kindly tell me the launching date of c3
I m eargly waiting 4 it.

satpal singh says:

release c6 set early,

i want to buy this set so if launched it then give me feedback


Saurabh says:

hey plzzzz.. .
launch my C6. ..
m dying to buy that phone. . .
plzzz.. . .
tell the launch date of the same. . .
m begging. . .

Priya says:

C6 is RELEASING ON 19th SEPTEMBER & tats final..

Check tis out:

Internal sources have confirmed its release.

denis joy says:

hai im really excited thanks to nokia for releasing c6
i really prefer this model
nokia please dont make us fools like the x3 which came very differently from the pre specifications

nithin says:

may i know thw actual releasing date of nokia c6.

Raziq says:

I m waiting for this phone from last few months but still yet C6 it is awiated, plz give me the correct date for the launch of this phone.

Laddu says:

Mujhe yeh janana hai ki c6 nokia india mein available hai.agar hai to kanha kanha.tell me rly fast

Dane chea says:

I want c3 and what cost is it?

ANKIT says:

plz do early as par possible as for this type of fentastic phones like c3, plz give us tentitive date and price

kanhiya says:

how much day it release

ashu says:

plzzzz tell me launched date of nokia c3

kanhiya says:

how much day c6 release

kanhiya says:

how much day c6 release in patna

Manu Thampi says:

How much day C6 release in saudi arabia…?

Manu Thampi says:

Can you tell me the Prize of nokia C6 in saudi arabia..?

ashutosh says:

what is the price of nokia C6 in mumbai

namendra says:

kindly let me knw exact release date of nokia c6 in lko


I really love this phone because my brother riyaz Rehaman want this. So plz tell the release date as soon as possible we are eager to buy this mobile.


hi every body nokia launchers are irritating the indian people. we are angry about in delay of nokia c6


i so eager to buy this mobile plz tell me the relaese date

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