Must Have iPad Games

3 April 2010 By Shashank

must have ipad games

If you live in U.S and have pre-ordered iPad then it will be making its way to your homes today, In our case, we will be getting iPad next week due to International Shipping, but until then lets discuss the must have games for iPad that you should have both free and paid, as the games are still launching at the iPad App Store, we will be continuously updating the list with only the best apps for the lovely iPad.

The games below are selected based on my previous experience with games on iPhone/iPod Touch

Must Have Paid Apps for iPad

Select from the list of games below depending upon your taste and budget, if you have a good budget then go get’em all.

  • Labyrinth 2 HD
  • Flight Control HD
  • Enigmo Deluxe
  • Real Racing HD
  • Asphalt 5 HD
  • Pianist Pro if you love these kinds of app
  • Need For Speed Shift
  • Scrabble
  • Geometry Wars

Must Have Free iPad Games

Free games are available in plenty at the App Store, just try them based on your taste and uninstall them if you dislike them. Some Apps worthy of mention are

  • Draw for iPad
  • Tap Tap Radiation
  • Labyrinth 2 HD Lite
  • Tic Tore Advance
  • Air Hockey Gold
  • Chopper Lite

Which are the top apps you are going to buy for iPad? Did I miss any app that is a must buy? Share your views in comments.

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duckthom says:

Angry Birds HD
Angry Birds HD Seasons

luckriss says:

You might also be interested in demessify 3d, a recent release. You can get it here

Bone fletcher says:

i like the game and recently i played a game “Demessify HD” which is nice if u want to try it check the links below
itunes link :
watch the trailer

P.V.NagendraReddy says: (video) (Game Link)

A very good list of games. You might also be interested in demessify 3d, a recent release for ipads. You can get it here

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