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8 April 2010 By Shashank

loginotes package

LogiNotes is a next generation note taking device that could increase your productivity manifold by organizing and saving all your hand written notes, diagrams to the computer thereby removing the paper clutter from your desk, another totally innovative feature is its handy onboard memory, for those times when you don’t have your laptop/desktop nearby, you can save your hand written notes to the device on the go which can later be transferred to the computer.

LogiNotes Features

  • Converts handwritten notes and sketches to digitally scanned image format
  • Convert  handwritten notes to editable typed text
  • Remote capture of notes using inbuilt memory up-to 100 pages
  • Store/transfer unlimited notes to computer hard disk
  • LogiManage software for managing notes
  • Bundled digital pen can be used as a mouse/stylus
  • Microsoft Office Compatible
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Technology Behind LogiNotes

LogiNotes is based on location recognition using the wireless digital pen as a transmitter and clipper as a receiver, the receiver’s inbuilt transducers and microphones allows it to recognize the high frequency acoustic signals transmitted constantly by the digital pen thereby pin pointing the location of hand movements for impressive results, the receiver is capable of recognizing up-to 96 different signals to accurately informing the location of pen on the paper surface.

LogiNotes Package includes:

  • Receiver with built in memory
  • Digital Ink Based Pen
  • 2 Button Cells for Digital Pen
  • USB Cable
  • Driver CD
  • LogiNotes User Manual

logipen with receiver


Writing while connected

LogiManage Screenshots

logimanage software

handwriting conversion

Text Conversion results, you can edit the notes quickly using the LogiManage text editor shown below.

logimanage editor

During my various tests of handwriting to text conversions, I found out that accuracy of LogiManage Converter is around 75%–90% which depends heavily on your handwriting, accuracy increases greatly if you have a nice cursive handwriting.

Testing LogiNotes Offline for Sketches

Next, we tried using LogiNotes completely offline, I called up my little brother to design something complex using LogiNotes, he came up with the following image.

Loginotes review sketch

For saving the image offline you just have to press the button on the receiver and it will save your work on the receiver itself.

After transferring the sketch to computer using LogiManage, it looked like this:

Offline Drawing

Impressive isn’t it.

Overall LogiNotes is a must have gadget if your work involves note taking, designing or other similar work, for eg, imagine the time it will save you by converting your university lecture notes to searchable text for later reference. The device itself is light weight and easy to carry around, save your work offline and later transfer it to computer, bundled LogiManage software helps in keeping your notes organized by saving them based on date, you can also easily create/rename categories for your notes.

More Information and Ordering details at LogiPen Website

LogiNotes were supplied to us by LogiPen for Review


LogiNotes has been renamed to LogiPen Notes.

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UdiT says:

Definitely a must have gadget..!!

rafael says:

nice gadget can use for matematics exercise and send by e-mail, fantastic.

Josh B. says:

Looks pretty cool. and you have nice sketching skills 🙂

raf says:

nice present to XMAS, good solution!

Özden says:

I bought one AND waiting for it from the customs office.

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