HTC Desire Firmware Update Download [Android 2.1]

2 April 2010 By Shashank


If you are among the early adopters of the wonderful HTC Desire then there is a new firmware update available for your Android Smartphone, which has already been rooted, the latest firmware update is a free download which brings Android 2.1 OS on Desire for the best user experience.

Download Desire Firmware Update: Android 2.1

Its a Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) update, a notification of the update will be available on your HTC Desire, following which you can download the Android 2.1 firmware update, make sure you are on unlimited data plan on cellular network or on Wi-Fi. After the installation is complete, check your Software Number by going MENU –> Settings-> About Phone-> Software information-> Software number. It should be 1.15.405.4.

Alternatively you can go to MENU –> Settings-> About Phone-> System Software Updates –> Check Now to manually check for new firmware updates.

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htc desire rocks says:

htc desire is really a great product, i love mine

Hud says:

it’s not an apple gay-phone that’s one of the best things about it.

cbuddy says:

After i had a HUGE problems with SILLY iphone4, this one is a masterpiece for me. One of the best on the market for me and i am so sorry that i bought iphone4 first.Never ever again IPHONE NO…its impossible for me to buy ANY iphone from now on…

kukuu says:

i like this one …………what a phone yaaaaaaarrrrr

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