WordPress Premium Backup Service: VaultPress

31 March 2010 By Shashank


Matt Mullenweg has announced the availability of specialized premium backup service for self hosted WordPress blogs named as VaultPress, the service uses a WordPress plugin for backup to Cloud servers to make sure that your blog remains online at all times, it uses highly advanced Cloud multi-storage technologies to backup every single bit of WordPress files like images, plugins, comments, posts etc in real time and is tightly integrated with WordPress from ground up, it will even secure your self hosted WordPress blog from zero day security vulnerabilities by applying hot fixes to your WordPress installations automatically, all this just by activating a simple VaultPress plugin.

VaultPress Service Price

Yes, unlike WordPress, VaultPress will be premium service available at a premium monthly price, that price is yet to be revealed but the rumor is of $10/month, It is not yet known whether the price will be for unlimited blogs, but we are expecting tiered VaultPress plans to accommodate even the big and small bloggers with single or multiple websites.

VaultPress is currently in selective Beta, you will have to fill out application form here if you want to preview VaultPress as of now.

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