Top Collaborative Drawing Websites Online [Whiteboard Sharing]

17 March 2010 By Shashank

Looking for online whiteboards for collaborative drawing, collaborative writing or just for fun? Today we will mention some great Collaborative online tools which you can use to share, edit drawings and collaborate writing with friends in real time. These websites are the best out there, basic functionality is free and will suffice for most users, if you are a professional or want to use these collaborative online softwares for your businesses, there are PRO versions of whiteboards with additional features available at a monthly subscription.

Whiteboard drawing online- twiddla

Twiddla is an easy to use web collaborative tool, which lets you collaborate on drawings and projects with friends and colleagues respectively, Twiddla interface is the best among  the other online whiteboard tools we tried, for businesses the PRO version provides numerous features that were found missing in other tools, however it was also the costliest starting at $14 per month. They also provide free PRO accounts to teachers and students.

collaborative drawing program - dabbleboard

Dabbleboard is a famous free online collaborative drawing website that lets you share and edit drawings with your friends in real time, for professionals Dabbleboard PRO version starts at $8 per month.

online whiteboard sharing -scriblink

ScribLink is another sweet and simple whiteboard sharing website free to use, features are almost similar like other online whiteboards, Silver version for professionals is priced at $9 per month


collaborative drawing online - skrbl

Scrbl is yet another online whiteboard drawing service, the website is still in beta and there was something missing in Skrbl, it just didn’t tick. For businesses the starting Team Edition version is priced at $10 per month.

Draw my thing

online drawing game

Okay enough of Collaborative Drawing, want to have some fun with Online Whiteboard, head over to OMGPOP Draw my thing , its a fun multiplayer game in which you have to guess the objects drawn by other users in real time. Chat window works as answer window too, you get points if you correctly guessed the word. It is free to play, signup if you want to save scores.

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Fooboard: Online whiteboard says:

I’d like to include my own product, Fooboard, in this list. While it’s still in early early beta, I feel it can compete with some of these full fledged products and even offer some things they don’t have.

Rory says:

I think you will love it should be on this list definitely!

It’s a drawing game where everyone draws onto one huge canvas.

Lachlan says:

We’ve just put together the initial Beta for a genuinely real-time, simple, collaborative online whiteboard (ie. multiple people drawing at the same time on the same whiteboard)(see

Works in Chrome, Firefox, Safari (but not IE) and on iPhone and iPad.

Just 1-click to create a new whiteboard with a unique URL, then just share the unique URL to work collaboratively and in real-time — simple!

Let us know what ya think!

Raiko says:

Check out a new online sketching tool. Give a try. Draw publish and Rate sketches at

Dave says:

I love Dooster which I think is a top online collaboration tool. I am a particular fan of it’s mindmap facility:

scott says:

I don’t know why I’m looking at this because I wouldn’t really need to actually draw and I prefer keyboarding nowadays. But it is pretty amazing to see what you can do. I’ve been perusing collaborative software sites since we started using Dooster because it has been so effective and “tidied” us all up in the communication sense of the word.

David says:

You may also want to check out for a free online whiteboard that you can embed in your own web pages and which works on Android, iPhone and iPad (as well as browsers) with no plugins, java or flash required.

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