PS3 Motion Controller: MOVE

11 March 2010 By Shashank

Playstation Move pics

Sony’s PS3 motion controller got a official name ‘MOVE’ at the GDC (Game Developer Conference) 2010 yesterday, PS3 MOVE is a much awaited motion controller for PS3 which we had first seen at the E3 conference, also rumored as ‘The Arc’. It will be available as standalone accessory if you already have PS Eye or as a part of PlayStation MOVE Starter Kit bundle priced at $100, which will include MOVE, a game and PlayStation Eye. Also a new all-in-one PS3 bundle will be released which will ship with PS3 and MOVE Starter Kit.

More Details on PS3 Move

– PS3 Move is a wireless motion controller

– It will also have a wireless sub-controller to assist in gameplay

– Colour Changing Sphere, PS3 Eye will track the Sphere

– Has trigger for firing, supports  rumble

– Supported games for PS3 MOVE include Socom 4, LBP, Resident Evil 5, there will be around 20 games supporting MOVE at the time of launch

More Pics of PlayStation MOVE and Sub-Controller

PS3_move2 PS3_move1 PS3_move3



PS3 MOVE Video

PS3 MOVE Release Date

PS3 Move will be available in Q4 2010

PS3 Move Starter Kit Price: $100

Official Update:

PS3 Move is priced at$49.99

PS3 Move navigation assist controller is priced at $29.99

PS3 Move Starter Kit bundle which includes PS3 Move, PlayStation Eye and PlayStation Move Sports Champions is priced at $99.99

PS3 Move Release Date:

September 15th in Europe and September 19th in America.

Update :

PlayStation Move India Price

Rs 4,700 for PlayStation Move Starter Pack which will include PS Eye, Move Controller and Sports Champion.

Update 2:

Official prices of Move for India has been revealed, the Starter Kit version being launched in India will have a Demo disc and not full game.

Move India Price

Rs 3,650 for Starter Kit containing  Move Controller, PS Eye and Demo Disc.

You can also buy Standalone Move Controller for Rs 2,499.

Sports Champion will be sold separately for Rs 1,499.

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Karan says:

Sony is Best!!!
Great Post dude!!!

Jordan says:

is ps3 move coming out in 2012 or 2010 im confused? :s

Ken says:

2010 4th Quarter Oct, Nove or Dec WII killer

Barbie says:

that looks too good man I want a light blue one damn buyin two straight 1st day

Shashank says:

Post updated with final prices of PlayStation Move in India, Pre-orders have already started.

Mishal says:

hi Shashank when will PS3 available in India, where can i place a pre-order

Mishal says:

i mean the PS3 move

Shashank says:


actual date of arrival is yet to be revealed by Sony but i think it will be around September 15, you can pre-order from

Mishal says:

Hi Shashank,

If I ask my friend to bring a PS3 move kit from USA will it work in India?

Shashank says:

Ya,it will work for sure.

Guys PS Move India Release is last week of September.

Ryan says:

Question: when will PS3 MOVE be released here on The Philippines?

jordan says:

jordan move is coming out september 17th

Mishal says:

Will sony launch the PS3 320GB in India, if yes at what price? will it come with a game?


Shashank says:


PS3 320 GB is now available with Move starter pack for
Rs 23,490.00

without Move it should be available for around 20K.

Mishal says:

Hi Shashank,

Were can I get the PS3 320GB with move starter pack?


alaa says:

cool the ps3 move is cool its main

alaa says:

90% of games is moving in it and 10% not

Someone says:

Just purchased it and it is cool

sarjot singh says:

COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL MAD ABOUT THIS GAME Ihave ps2 but now its getting boring for me. i want to buy ps3 move bot my mama papa dont allow because they are so boring! otherwise ps3 move isRROOCCKKIINNGG!!!!

Arnav says:

Nba2k11 with playstation move will de awesome

siddharth patel says:


ashish71440 says:

no comment but a quistion
is ps3 move can run ps3 games

i never have ps3
but if i buy ps3move so can i play god of war3,henvali shord,mgs4,unch1,2 which is on ps3 not ps3move??????????
dmc5,bioshock3 will run on ps3 or ps3move??????

Shashank says:


Move is an accessory of PS3, so anygame that is Move compatible would be playable on ps3, these are my favorites: Sports champion, The Fight.
Unfortunately you cannot play GOW3, heavenly sword, MGS4, UC2 with Move, but you can play Heavy rain, Killzone3, lbp2, Socom 4, RE5 etc.

Full list of Move compatible games can be found here.


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