Personal Flying Machines: Martin Jetpack and JetLev

10 March 2010 By Shashank

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You have only seen them in movies and video games, the machines that lets you fly and we are not talking about aeroplanes and helicopters either, something that is more personal, intimate and thrilling. Welcome the Martin Jetpack, a personal jetpack that lets you fly around and it doesn’t even need a license to operate, just training. Hate the ugly traffic conditions, now you can zoom past traffic in your very own personal flying machine (PFM).

The company has been building the Martin Jetpack for so long, it is only now that they have perfected the technology for a smooth and stable flight.


Have a look at the video of Martin Jetpack in action, notice the stability

Technology Behind Martin Jetpack

Martin Jetpack is built of carbon fibre chassis with two giant air propeller fans strapped to your body, it uses premium gasoline as fuel and is driven by a two litre V4 2-stroke engine. Safety systems have also been equipped smartly, for ex. in case of Jetpack going down and crash is imminent, you can simply deploy a ballistic parachute with a press of a button, that will let you and your Jetpack land safely. There is no license required to fly the Jetpack, however, completion of compulsory training program  developed by the Martin Aircraft company is required.

Martin Jetpack Price and Shipping

Martin Jetpack is priced at $86,000 and from what I’ve read on their website they will start shipping of Martin Jetpacks by the end of 2010.

Learn more at Martin Jetpack Website

Another cool flying machine is JetLev


Ready for some watersport like never before, JetLev is what you need, it lets you fly above water, as it uses pressurized water to propel itself in the air, see JetLev in action below


Technology behind JetLev

Though it looks simple in a video, the tech behind is much more complex, as it uses water as a jet propulsion medium and for direction balancing, thrust control  it uses different nozzle angles. The flexible hose has the main function as it delivers high pressurized water to the JetLev for flying, it also acts as a stabilizer.

JetLev is primarily meant for watersport and entertainment, however you can order one if you want.

JetLev Price and Shipping

JetLev is priced around $175,220, shipping of JetLev starts in June 2010

Learn more at JetLev Website

Speak up your mind, let me know what you think of these flying machines in comments.

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  1. You WILL have the coolest life if you own one of these! - The Vette Barn Forum - A Community for Corvette Lovers
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