iphone 3gs unlock 004

BlackSn0w RC2 – free unlocking software is now available for download via Cydia, if you are having iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G with baseband 05.11.07 then you can safely unlock your iPhone 3GS/3G with this Cydia application. Blacksn0w is developed by Geohot but was not working with iPhone 3GS/3G with baseband 05.11.07, but msftguy released a fix for blacksn0w which now makes it compatible with iPhone 3GS/3G 3.1.3.

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Blackberry Storm 2

BlackBerry better known for the “Smartphone’s of the Business Era” are revamping their touch phone series with all new smart-phone Blackberry Storm 2 which can be called a smarter and improved version of its predecessor “Blackberry Storm”. After the not-so-good response from the Blackberry Storm due to its various discomforts found in it as per a touch-screen phone, the company has arrived back in the market with a new technology for Touch Sensing known as SurePress. This technology uses 4 sensors under the screen located at four ends while the previous Storm used a single sensor located at the middle of the screen. Continue Reading →

android tablet wepad

Its raining tablets Slates and Pads these days, now German manufacturer Neofonie has introduced a new Android OS tablet named WePad with netbooky features like 11.6 inch touchscreen display (1366 x 768 resolution) along with 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N450 and GMA 3150 Graphics chip, other features includes card reader, webcam, 2 USB ports, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, UMTS modem and around 6 hours of battery life.

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 Sleeping Time

Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration has just launched a new twitter mashup, SleepingTime.org. This application determines the sleeping time of any person having a twitter account. It works by analysing the tweet timings of the twitter account. No matter if the person is a celebrity or your friend, if he/she does have a twitter account this application works on him. Continue Reading →

enhanced vision tech- by GM

Technology really never ceases to amaze us, a new Enhanced Vision Technology currently being developed by General Motors aims to turn the ordinary car windshield into augmented reality based virtual display that uses lasers, night vision, eye tracking and GPS to assist you in driving. Enhanced vision technology can pin point obstacles in the path, mark the road using lasers during night and can even display your destination using the GPS technology on your windshield in real time.

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 iPhone 3GS in India


After the most recent rumour of iPhone 3GS launch in India, some official words have finally appeared from Airtel. Airtel has confirmed the launch of Apple iPhone 3GS soon in India.

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nvidia direct 11 fermi tessellation

Few details have emerged regarding the specifications and pricing of NVIDIA Fermi GPUs, expected to be unveiled next week. These graphic cards are based on the new Fermi architecture, the cheaper NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 sports 446 shader processors, 320 bit memory interface and consume around 225W at full load, whereas GeForce GTX 480 is said to provide 480 shader processors, 384 bit memory interface, clock speed of 700MHz and will consume 295W at full load , it also has onboard 1.5 GB GDDR5 RAM. Pricing details after the break.

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Google TV

Google has partnered with Intel, Sony and Logitech to bring a set-top box named Google TV based on Android platform, featuring Intel Atom processor that will let you enjoy the web apps like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other similar sites  just by changing channels, Google TV will also feature a version of Chrome browser developed specifically for the device for surfing web. The Android based Google TV software will be open source for software developers, which means more creative applications for your TV.

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voice controlled helicopter- techlivez.com

Using the voice activation technology, the quad rotor helicopter will respond to  natural language and will follow directions as per your voice commands. The project is named something like this “Natural Language Command of an Autonomous Micro Air Vehicle”. It accepts the voice commands through iPhone which is translated to machine language via software in laptop which then gives flying directions to quad rotor helicopter. Video after the break.

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Apple iPad has already been a hit with huge number of pre-orders in just a few days, now when iPad becomes available beginning April 3, one question that will be prominent in the minds of iPad buyers will be ‘is it possible to jailbreak iPad?’ like iPhone and iPod Touch, We have beginning to get the hints already, a new jailbreaking tool GreenPois0n has surfaced, which is developed by p0sixninja, a member for Chronic Dev team and is currently accepting donations for buying iPad, so that he can release his first iPad Jailbreak.

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