OnLive Game Playing Service via Browser

12 March 2010 By Shashank

 OnLive Gaming Service

OnLive Game Service is the breakthrough development in cloud technology that will change the gaming scene forever, the games that we play on our PCs will be hosted on OnLive cloud servers and we need only a web browser or a OnLive Microconsole to play them.

OnLive Game Service will even allow you to try the game titles before you buy them and there will be no downloads or installation of games, just fire up your browser to fire guns in gaming, it is that easy.

What kind of games are available on OnLive and what about quality?

The current featured games on OnLive website includes Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age Origins, Assassins Creed 2, Borderlands, Metro 2033, Prince of Persia and a lot more quality titles are also promised.

OnLive is promising gaming @720p resolution, that is HD quality gaming on demand with just you browser which is a feat in itself, I wonder! what might be the configuration of servers in their cloud? They have recently demoed the service at GDC and it does look promising.

OnLive Game Service Price

The online game streaming service will be available for a monthly rental fee of $14.95, if you live in United States the first 25,000 qualified registered users will get 3 months of free game service.

OnLive Games-on-Demand service will be available beginning June 17, 2010.

Visit OnLive 

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