Nintendo 3DS Announced: 3D Games Without Glasses

23 March 2010 By Shashank


Nintendo has announced  a new Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console that will let you enjoy 3D games without glasses, Nintendo 3DS is a successor to Nintendo DS/DSi and will be backward compatible with the game titles launched for DS/DSi. Full unveiling of Nintendo 3DS along with features and price details will be revealed at the E3 conference this June 2010.

Nintendo 3DS Release Date

Expected release date is Q1 2011

Nintendo 3DS Price

Price is expected between $150 – $200

We will keep the post updated with latest information as soon as it is available.

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3D games without glasses Video, I think this is how 3D games will look on the new Nintendo 3DS

YouTube Preview Image

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james braselton says:

hi there about time the price and release date came out 3D with out glasses for only $150 too $200 3D glasses are $200 up too $800 for each set and you only get one pair for a 3D tv costing $2,500 up too $5,200 3D glasses epic fail nintendo 3DS epic win for sure

jhon peters says:

1 word WICKED!!! this will be sick!

Tamara.S says:

This looks great and pokemon black/white are set to be released for this, the release date has been moved up apparently to maybe as soon as october 2010 (this year!) i’m hoping they do a deal by trading in yor dsi against it =] i’m sooo getting one =]

Mady says:

Ok. that is so not the dsi the design of it is completly fake.

Christian says:

I just want to know if all of my normal ds/dsi games will play. Also, if your downloaded dsiware will stay along with your dsi shop points.

genguwowo says:

@ james braselton
where the F* do you buy your 3d glasses?
Ive seen them much cheaper

se7en says:

@ Mady yeah, the video shows the DSi, but the screens on it show a little bit of what to expect with the “3D effect” that nintendo is going for…if you really want to see what the 3DS looks like, you can find a ton of pictures of it on the internet now…

uche says:

That is a complete fake…the real one is here
it has 3 cameras and it is in red blue and has a 360degree analog…2 cameras in the front one for regular pic…another for 3D pics…another on at the very top of the top screen…the top screen is in HD and in 3D…the top screen is bigger than the bottom…srry both screen will be in HD…ok again the link is here:
that 3dsi is fake and it is called the 3DS not the 3DSi…

hdsf says:

its not real i saw the real thing at the e32010

Prior Semblance says:

That’s also not how the 3d works at all.

Anonymous says:

3D works with dual screen layer technology. 3DS will support DS/DSi games, as well as DSiWare. The 3ds has 2 cameras in the front, both .3 MegaPixels, and is used for stereo recording/imaging. It also has a “Slide Pad” and a camera inside the 3DS. The top screen is a bit wider than the bottom, which is necessary for the 3D(?). It can take pictures and record videos in 3D as well. It can silently seek out nearby 3DS’s as well as WiFi hotspots. It features a gyroscope, as well as an accelerometer(like the one in itouches/iphones. The stylus is extendable up to 4 inches. Release date is before the month of April.

Stabash says:


Decimo_098 says:

i think i’ll wait until after the release date which is for a long time. T_T i’ll buy a DSi and trade it in after the price go down. 150$-200$ is a big money but the set im going t buy for the DSi is 250$. :DDD

Quintin says:

I can’t wait for 3ds.the era of my ds lite has been thrillfull,but its time to take my portable gaming to the next lv.

panchito says:

hola vatos viva mexico vatos locos

uche says:

i hope it is not more than $210….it would have been….excuse me for my lanugage but it would have been bullshit if it was $300 or from $200 – $300…i would be pissed!!….but i hope it does have music…i pray that it has music i know that it has a SD card…but for the dsi the only reason i bought it was because it has like games,a desent camera, and u can put and listen to music… i hope the 3ds has that and more…

pokemonfan4eva says:

i hope pokemon black and silver will be on da 3ds i also hope star fox 64 3d wont be as new as the newer games because i personaly like the origanel version better

pokemon4eva says:

pokemonfan4eva i think ur absolutly correct about the star fox thing because that game was and still is FLAWLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

hannah j. says:

i think if this really comes out it will turn out great 😀 🙂 ^_^

Amy says:

I can’t wait to get this!!! The game list looks amazing for this too and not to mention pokemon black and white are coming out aswell!:O (I’m a huge pokemon fan) I can’t WAIT for next year now! (3ds systems; I can’t wait to see what they’ll invent next!)

Frank says:

I’m excited for this system, but I can’t help thinking it’s going to have a launch price of $250. Whether it’s $200 or $250, a difference of $50 isn’t a huge deal to me for an awesome system with a feature as innovative as 3-D graphics. I’m pumped for Kid Icarus and Resident Evil, but I’ll be pissed if Resident Evil is another rail shooter. As for the release date, I heard Q1 2011, so hopefully it will be out by my April 25th birthday 😉 Also, what does everyone think of the N64 line of games Nintendo’s porting to the 3DS? I know Nintendo’s a company of nostalgia, but I’ve seen enough older generation ports and remakes on the Wii; we don’t need them on the 3DS in my opinion. If I want to play Ocarina, Mario 64, or Star Fox 64, I’ve already downloaded them on the Wii so I can revisit them at my own leisure. I want to see new and innovative games on my 3DS!

LabCo says:

OMFG its bloody cheap!! its even cheaper than the DSi with like 200DKK ! :O thats about $34.48 :O 😀 im sooooo gonna buy one 😀

legend of zelda fan says:

I was playing Mario 64 for DS and I couldn’t help thinking: wouldn’t it be cool if Nintendo makes the Zelda Ocarina of Time for the DS?

Personally, Zelda OOT is my favorite game of all times. I would love to carry it with me all the time as well…

What do you guys think?

retard says:

i cant wait is this is gonna release 2011 if it is (excuse me for my language)so thats a fuck dum bull shit

frghsef says:

What that’s not how 3D works….It pops out of the screen not what there doing.

alex says:

this is fake it looks like a nintendo dsi

nunya says:

you dont need f***ing 3D glasses

Alne says:

wow, this will be full of fun ..

Hey can anybody help me in crossing this game …?

they will gift a Nintendo 3DS, yes .. Absolutely free…
pls help .. i am stuck every time when the electrical poles come , is anybody help me..???



Steven Crowley says:

This is such a good announcement by Nintendo hopefully, THE 3DS would be out in the near future.


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