Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7 MarketPlace

16 March 2010 By Shashank

windows phone 7 marketplace

Microsoft has recently showcased the all new Windows Phone 7 Marketplace with games, applications developed using Silverlight and XNA frameworks. Most of the biggies in the mobile application development are already developing apps for the new Windows Phone 7 platform which are expected to hit the market soon, Marketplace will support credit card purchases, has a feature of try before you buy, as well as ad supported content and not to mention free apps.

The Marketplace has a nice UI and includes everything for a great experience.

Watch the video demo of Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

XBox Live Gaming on Windows Phone 7

Phone 7 Marketplace For Developers

Microsoft Phone 7 Marketplace will have a transparent app screening process, which clearly defines what developers have to do in order to publish their application, unlike App Store where rules aren’t clearly defined due to which many applications are rejected. Apart from this a developer can release his first 5 applications for free in the Marketplace before he is charged $99/year for developer license, the developer can update version of their application as many times as they want.

Developers will get 70% share of revenue for each application they sell.

The development tools like SDK for Windows Phone 7 are available for free download at

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