Microsoft Speech-to-Speech Translator [Phone Translator]

4 March 2010 By Shashank

machine -voice-to-voice translation

Microsoft at its Redmond campus has showcased a new voice translation technology that clearly indicates how our future voice language translations will be going to occur, that is with software. We can communicate with a person speaking another language in our language, what this translating phone does is, it first transcribes the voice of a person, in the video below from German voice to German text then the software converts it to English text and then using text-to-speech technology it outputs into English voice.

Microsoft Translating Phone Video


This voice-to-voice translator uses the same text-to-text translation for its need that Bing online translator uses, which explains the not so perfect translation, but however it gets the job done. Two people with different native languages can voice chat with each other in real time which is a feat in itself and it effectively helps in breaking the language barrier.

As of now it is just a prototype which was demoed by the Microsoft Researchers at the TechFest event held in Redmond.

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