iPad Jailbreak Using GreenPois0n

18 March 2010 By Shashank

Apple iPad has already been a hit with huge number of pre-orders in just a few days, now when iPad becomes available beginning April 3, one question that will be prominent in the minds of iPad buyers will be ‘is it possible to jailbreak iPad?’ like iPhone and iPod Touch, We have beginning to get the hints already, a new jailbreaking tool GreenPois0n has surfaced, which is developed by p0sixninja, a member for Chronic Dev team and is currently accepting donations for buying iPad, so that he can release his first iPad Jailbreak.

Screenshot of Greenpois0n was also revealed


As the core OS/firmware of iPad remains the same as of iPod Touch and iPhone, there is high chance that we might see a working iPad jailbreak software within a few days after iPad launches.

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