Devices to Sport Bluetooth 4.0 Specification in Q4 2010

5 March 2010 By Shashank

Bluetooth 4.0  mobiles

Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) is currently working on the new Bluetooth 4.0 specification which can be seen in devices by the end of 2010, the new specification allows for very low power consumption capabilities, thus can be used in the small devices like watches and gadgets with button cells. Previous version of Bluetooth requires atleast AAA or large capacity batteries to work properly.

Bluetooth 4.0 also employs Ble (Bluetooth low energy) specification for the transmission of small bursts of data in addition to high speed data transfer capabilities of Bluetooth 3.0.

Devices like headsets, laptops, netbooks, Smartphones etc will start shipping with the new Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology starting Q4 2010.

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