Future Tech: LG Unfolds Flexible Electronic Paper

21 January 2010 By Shashank

lg-epaper- technology  

LG has revealed the World’s first 14.1 inch flexible e-paper, that is almost like a traditional paper, as you can turn pages like you do on normal paper, the images remain crisp and text readable while you bend it 180 degrees and you don’t have to discard it daily, thanks to the digital distribution. This e-paper display is  300 mm thick and only consumes power when the image changes so its power friendly too. The technology used behind is slightly different that we have seen before as it uses the TFTs on metal foil rather than on glass, making it more flexible.

flexi-display-LG E-paper

Not much info is available regarding its availability and price but LG plans to mass produce these next generations displays in first half of 2010.

Is this the Future of Newspapers?

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Just what is the point of it, I would have thought people would be reading the paper from their laptop or handheld device which is more smaller and more portable.

Reader says:

just WOW!

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