Firefox 3.6 Download

22 January 2010 By Shashank

Firefox 3.6 Download 

Firefox has been updated to version 3.6, which came out of beta yesterday. New Firefox version 3.6 comes with many performance, stability and security improvements, so it is suggested to upgrade to latest version of Firefox immediately either by check for update link in the help menu of existing Firefox installation or download it from the Official Firefox Website.


New in Firefox 3.6 Video:

Firefox 3.6 also adds support for new HTML5, CSS and DOM technologies and comes with built in Personas, not to mention it is the fastest Firefox yet.

Download Firefox 3.6 from Mozilla

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thetoryboy says:

After using IE, Opera, Chrome and firefox, what I felt is for an SEO professional it is the perfect browser. This new version has more such plugins that has lot to do with SEO.

sridhar says:

I feel, IE is troublesume, Opera open invitation for virus. firefor is awesome.


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