ATI Intros Radeon HD 5670: Cheapest DirectX 11 card

15 January 2010 By Shashank


After the launch of its high priced 58XX series of graphics cards, ATI has now thrown another trump card in the form of an affordable graphics card HD 5670 which being a DirectX 11 card, is priced at less than $100. The graphics card market has been through many ups and downs but ATI is at it like they don’t want to leave any chance for NVIDIA. This card also support the Eyefinity technology, so now can have a triple monitor setup with a sub $100 graphics card and with ATI Stream technology Windows 7 will work like breeze on it.

Some of the DirectX 11 games that you will be able to play on it are Dirt 2, Battleforge, Stalker, Battlefield and all the previous DirectX 10 and DirectX 9 titles as well. The card is power friendly as well, max power usage is 64W (idle power usage is 15W), 

HD5670 based cards would become available very soon at a hardware store near you.

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