3D Bio-Printer: Cell by Cell Printing of Tissues

2 January 2010 By Shashank

3D Bio printer technology

A first production model 3D Bio-Printer has been developed by Invetech which promises tissues on demand, researchers will be able to create to create complex human organs like liver, kidneys with the help of human cells and artificial Scaffolds. These Bio-Printers will soon be supplied to institutions which are into research of regenerative medicine, with the help of these machines researchers would be able to get tissues on demand, helping them in the process is a intuitive software that will allow them to develop 3D model of tissue construct and printing them later in the form of organs using laser calibrated print heads. 


This technology uses biochemicals, cell suspensions and artificial Scaffolds as their inks and is a boon to the medicine as people could have their skin, organs regenerated, it can even be used to grow a tooth.

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Ashish Mangal says:

If you people got success on this project then it would be like nobody will die due to lack of organ donar.

JOC says:

hey will it help to bring back our endangered species..

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