Windows 7 OEM and Retail Box Prices in India

3 December 2009 By Shashank


Windows 7 has been released more than a month ago, it is only now that the latest OS from Microsoft has become widely available in India, I myself got upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium last week, Here I will tell you the exact prices of different versions of Windows 7 which are available in India and which one is the best for you.


Windows 7 Retail Box Prices in India:

Windows 7 Home Basic – Price Rs 5,150

Windows 7 Home Premium – Price Rs 6,500

Windows 7 Professional – Price Rs 9,500

Windows 7 Ultimate – Price Rs 10,250

Windows 7 OEM Prices in India :

Windows 7 Home Basic OEM – Price Rs 4,750

Windows 7 Professional OEM – Price Rs 7,600

Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Ultimate OEM versions aren’t available at this time.

These are the best prices you can get for Genuine Windows 7 in India, in most cases the prices will be slightly above these prices.

Which Windows 7 Version to go for?

If your use is strictly at home get Windows 7 Home Basic, for most users it will suffice, if you wish to watch TV on your PC then get Home Premium, for Office use get Professional Edition, and if you have extra money  to spare or if you handle critical data get Ultimate Edition.

Between Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate Edition

The main difference in Professional Edition is:

Network Backup functionality : You can always backup on USB HDDs, or any third party software will do the job for you, and backing up on a network is a slow process.

Windows XP Mode : All major softwares have been released/updated for Windows 7 already, so again its not that important

Domain Join for Company networks : If the computer is for Office Use

In Windows 7 Ultimate Edition you will get 35 language support and Bitlocker Encryption software, get this if you work with critical data, read more about Bitlocker here.

Our Recommendation: Windows 7 Home Premium

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UdiT says:

Good comparison of prices & features! 😀

Premlal says:


We want to know some information regarding Windows 7 Professional OEM version.

You have stated the price
Windows 7 Professional – Price Rs 9,500
Windows 7 Professional OEM – Price Rs 7,600

Whether will you provide a key for Windows 7 O.E.M. version. Can we re install the O.E.M. version in case of formatting the hard disk.


Premlal T.N.

Shashank says:


yes, O.E.M versions of Windows 7 have their own key and you can reinstall after formatting the HDD too.

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