Tutorial to Hack PSP 3000 with Latest Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-C

29 December 2009 By Shashank

If you are trying to play latest games on your hacked PSP 3000 and if its showing errors then its time to upgrade to the latest Custom Firmware GEN-C. In this simple guide, we will install GEN-C on our hacked PSP 3004 with GEN-B. If you are new to hacking PSP, you should head over to this absolute beginner guide to hack PSP 3000 with ChickHEN R2  using GEN-A, then upgrade to GEN-B.


GEN-C firmware for 5.03 by GEN Team will allow you to play the latest games which require official firmware 6.10 without any trouble of patching or decrypting.

How to upgrade your PSP 3000 Custom Firmware to 5.03 GEN-C




  • Download Custom Firmware GEN-C and extract to desktop
  • Connect your PSP 3000 to your PC
  • Copy the “GEN-C” folder from the files you extracted (inside PSP->Game) and Paste it inside your PSP Memory Stick PSP –> Game Folder
  • Disconnect from USB mode
  • Run GEN-C Quick Updater by going to GAME –> Memory Stick in your PSP XMB
  • Press X to install and  X again to boot into GEN-C custom Firmware, it takes 3-4 seconds
  • Go to Settings –> System Information, it should now show 5.03 GEN-C (Full)
  • Congratulations, Enjoy

If you have used my previous tutorials then  this should also work with absolutely no problem at all. If you do face any problems let me know in comments.

Tested PSP Games on 5.03 GEN-C by Team GEN

  • Tekken 6
  • Gundam vs Gundam
  • Phantasy Star Portable 2
  • Naruto
  • Naruto Shippuden Narutimate Accel 3
  • James Cameron Avatar The Game
  • Phantasy Star Portable 2
  • R-Type Tactics II Operation Bitter Chocolate
  • Bleach Soul Carnival 2
  • Battle Spirits Kiseki no Hasha
  • Yamada

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Miscellaneous 52 comments


Ghostrider says:

Woww… COngrats! Here it goes, its running Naruto is up and running with that newest set of hack. This whole series of your hacking guide uptil the Gen C upgrade has been a mega sucess. I congratulate you on your successful hacks. PSP has become so much convenient thanks to guys like you. CHEERS MATE!

Samson says:

My game R done tq 4 intro…
really tq tq tq tq…


tekie says:


ritesh says:

🙁 i have hacked the psp 3004 by ur method nd its runing successsfully bt after 4 days my psp is hacked but it becimr too slower then ur imagination nd its screen is shievering.plkz help me

Cesar says:

When I downloaded Tekken 6, it says the game could not be started (80020321), is there something i’m doing wrong? Do I need a CFW enabler or sumthn?? I already have 5.03GEN-C

Shashank says:


Try using different memory stick or format yr memory stick, a restart will fix it, however the hack will be lost, and you have to hack it again.

Try this for “game could not be started error”

roshan says:

should i install 5.03 GEN A and GEN B before installing GEN C?

Mohammed says:

Is any software application supported like youtube will work in custom firmware 5.03 GEN-C?

MJB says:

this cfw will also disappear if the psp is turned off?
isnt there anyway this problem can be solved?? (excluding the sedna patch…) cuz the psp is still running with the sedna patch on even after we turn it off. 😥

Shashank says:


Yes, thats the way I did it.

you can try PSPtube, Gotube.

Rishab says:

Dear Shashank

I have modded my psp 3004 and have gen a gen b& gen c ,but i still cant play the game smackdown vs raw 2010 ,its a new game realsed in Nov i guess, can you kindly guide me.

Parshad says:

My psp doesnt have cfw so i cant play games of memory stick Pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss help & this gen C f**ks

Margarett says:


Hi, i have done everything you just posted. it worked so right.. but the problem is, when i decided to add games to my psp3001 (TA-090 v2 mother board model), the other games doesnt work anymore!! how come it’s happening to my psp?? is there any other way to make THEM work again?? it also came to the point that no game is ever working.. chickHenR2 starts easily as well as Gen-A & Gen-B enablers. but when i flash any game it always displays :


what would i do?? please help.. before it happened, i was even enjoying playing TEKKEN6, but now i’ve got nothing to do.. 😥 😥

i need your help so bad…

please mail me

Oswaldo says:

I just wanted to thank you for such a great guide!!! I have done all of the steps from hacking to installing the Firmware Gen-C. My question: Can I delete the files from my memory card once I have installed them on the psp?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Daks says:

@ Parshad
u can still play games you bought from the PSN store, but you wont be able to run .ISO or .CSO files, for these you need a CFW

@ Oswaldo
yes u can, but u’ll have to get them back in there if u restart ur PSP.
keep ’em of backup, they’re not that big anyways

Daks says:

@ Margarett
I had that same problem, but that was after i played soul caliber and changed something in the advanced settings.

I believe u’ll need to the press SELECT go to Recovery Menu and make sure that these are your settings:
Go to Configuration and make the following changes:

* Game folder hombrew (currently: 5.xx Kernel)
* UMD Mode (Currently: M33 driver -NO UMD-)

Go back to Main Menu then Advance > Advance Configuration.

* Enable Plain modules in UMD/ISO
* Disable “Execute BOOT.BIN in UMD/ISO”

when i did that everything went back to normal
hope it works for you =)
got that info from http://www.trickyways.com/2009/12/how-to-install-games-on-psp-custom-firmware/

fRtOkNEq says:

i just modded my psp 3000 with gen c full and it worked without a problem for 1 week now.

At first, one game didn’t work, so i tried transferring it to another memory stick of lower capacity.

Kudos to the team!

elle says:

Thanks sooo much for the hacks….. 😀

i did mine this way-

1 – Usng ChickHen…….
2 – installing the Gen-C hack directly and


Rishab says:

@ elle
Are you sure its working? then thats really cool ,i will also try tonight hope it works ,im dying to play SvsR10 on my PSP3004

ashiquz says:

when i downloaded gen-b and gen-c it still says gen-a full in my system information

elle says:


Yes am 100% its working coz my little bro has one and i gotta hack it everynow and then when he accidentally switches it completely off 😕 .

So gt fed up of going through A n B and when directly to C…and as i said “VOILA” :mrgreen: !!

Rishab says:

@ Elle yes boss its working for me also, i now can play smackdown/raw 10 & tekken 6 .TQ

RITESH says:

thanxs buddy for answering. but do u have thinked about my ctf themes. plz reply fast

Lost says:

I followed all the steps, but no matter how much i try to install GEN-C, it always shows as GEN-A(full) in the system information. I even directly installed GEN-C directly, after installing CHICKHEN, still it shows as GEN-A(FULL). i’ve tried everything from removing the battery to clear the RAM, what could be the problem?

ALKAZ says:

Have the same prob with Gen-A(full).
I followed all the steps, but no matter how much i try to install GEN-C, it always shows as GEN-A(full) in the system information.
After Chickhene2, installed Gen-A with no prob, however not even old games load (error (80020321))
Tried to install Gen-b or Gen-C, same outcome – shows Gen-A(Full) and not been able to run any game (same error)
Please advise!

D0ggy says:

@lost n @alkaz, try to hold ‘L’ button, then install the cfw gen c, don’t release the ‘L’ button till the installation menu pop up.. Then install the cfw gen c, hope it helps.. ‘S0rry for my english’ 🙂

Nuclearex says:

@D0ggy Thanks
I solved the problem with Gen-c now i can play “beatreactor” but i can’t play “DJ MAX Fever” it wont start with Gen-c.

Nuclearex says:

Does anyone know anything about update Gen-c?
Please need help soon!

mahdi says:

very nice.your guidance is number one.Thank lots.good luck!

shravs says:

Will you please help me how to hack PSP 300 6.10 ersion.It wil be really helpful

hussam says:

hi thnx a lot for yr effort,i have psp 3004,i had hack it, but i cant install the ckeckinhen,there is any way can solve it?
and i hope to play grandturismo on it do i have to upgrade it to GEN C?
im also searching for game called tourist trophy,amazing motorcycle game i hope to find it can u help me/?
thinks toooo much

kingz says:

try press L when update the GEN C. it works for me. I got GEN C FULL, but it not work with naruto shippuden, need help

Fan of prince of persia TFS says:

i juz wondering can prince of persia the forgetten sand can on psp 3004 using gen-c?

Dharmin Kansara says:

I have PSP 3004 with version 6.0 firmware. I cant able to install games. Please guide me how to hack it.

Tony says:

Can I play PSX games using Gen C?

ynnos21 says:

ur are so amazing…hands down..great help to newbie when it comes to psp…

bleachvsnaruto says:

Dude!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!muaaxxxxxx

MartZ says:

I never fail in every tut you post
Imma PSP 3004 Slim owner

zin says:

fifa 11 is not running
the game could not be loaded
plz help


i use PSP 3004 series….n im using 5.03 GEN-C (full) n also 5.03 Promitheus…..but i can run god of war ghost of sparta…..but i cant run fifa 11….when i start the game the screen becomes black and my PSP turns off….i turned on my PSP n hacked it again with 2 differnt versions…but still it doesnt work…..NOW WHAT can I do PLZZ help me…

Waqas says:

I am desperate to play GOW ghost of sparta on my psp 3004 please give me some solution. Thanks!

Pein Yahiko says:

I have gen c wheni i tried to install it says This game cannot be started. The data is corrupted help me plz

Rishab says:

Fifa 11 plays on mine

itachiatp says:

when I install gen-a my psp becomes slow in the main menu… how can I avoid that

gamer says:

i was playing fifa 11 wen all of a sudden my system rebooted & all games gone frm my list…& only 5.03 gen-c in my game list.. i hve chickhen r2 bt not wrkin….

Plz Helpp!!!:(

Rohit says:


prashant says:

dear sirs,
after extracting the gen b filed to psp-game folder & installing the gen=b i am not getting the version as gen-b pls. help me to rectify this

prashant says:

Dear all,
i did it, while installing the gen-c u must need to keep L button pressed all the time even pressing the x button dont release the L button & its done,
thanks for the help by D0ggy

prashant says:

Hello Guys,
i have another problem,
after rectifying the problem & installing the Gen-c successfully i am now getting the error as below, it says,
the game could not be strated (80020321)
any idea? any one can pls. help??? pls. help. boss?
thnaks & rgeards

sAHIL says:

same problem as prashant…..even on paying fifa 09 reports the game could not be started (80020321)…what to do??????

sAHIL says:



  1. Tutorial to Hack PSP 3000 with Latest Custom Firmware 5.03 GEN-C … – JAENUDIN TAUFIK PERSONAL BLOG
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