How to Manage Multiple Displays with ATI Catalyst Control Center

15 November 2009 By Shashank

Recently I’ve switched to dual monitor setup to improve productivity, and additional  LG Full HDTV for movies, I’ve three screens: 2 No.s of Dell 2209WA and third is a 42” Full HD LG LH70YR and I’ve connected all these three screens to the Palit ATI 4870 Dual Sonic graphics card using two DVI port for Dell Monitors and TV with RGB Analog, here I will tell you how to manage multiple screens with ATI Catalyst Control Center, But there is one catch you can only drive 2 screens at a time with 48xx series of cards, the current generation of cards like 5850 and 5870 could run upto 3-6 screens at a time, the procedure is same.


After connecting the displays fire up ATI CCC (Catalyst Control Center), Go to Advanced Settings

ATI Catalyst Control Center- advanced

It will open this screen


Notice the Three screens “Desktop 1” , “Desktop 2” and “Attached Displays Currently Disabled”

Here Desktop 1 and Desktop 2 are my two Dell 2209WA monitors and disabled display is the LG TV.

How to Swap Display using Catalyst Control Center – Managing dual, triple screen setups

Now there is no proper documentation for switching displays without turning off the displays and changing connections, but I’ve found a way, all you have to do is click –> drag the disabled display onto the “Desktop 2” , a message will popup “Swap Devices” click on the that, the second desktop will now turned off and third display will come to life. Yes it is simple as that.

 swaping displays

Desktop 2 in red is the LG TV, one 2209wa is now disabled. I am using extended display option, so Desktop 1 always remain my primary display and I switch between LGTV and second Dell monitor, when switching from dell to LGTV I have to change the resolution to 1080p for LGTV and while switching back it automatically detects resolution of Dell monitor, maybe this has to do with analog and digital connections.

ccc swap displays

If you have 58xx series graphics card you can manage multiple displays even more than 3 displays this way, a right click on respective “Desktop” inside CCC will give you more options like cloning desktop, rotating deskop, stretching desktop etc.

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