Download Latest Adobe Flash Player 10 for Windows, Linux and Mac

1 September 2009 By Shashank

Flash player 10 downloadAdobe Flash Player needs no introduction, its the most popular software runtime that allows viewing of interactive web content including YouTube videos, flash games, adverts and many more on your browser. The new version of Flash Player 10 is now available for Windows, Linux(32 Bit) and Mac, Alpha release for 64 bit Linux is also available for developers.

The Latest Flash Player available for download is Version

Free Download Latest Adobe Flash Player

Direct Download from Adobe Website(Windows)

Download Flash Player 10 for Linux

Download Flash Player 10 for Mac( Mac OS X 10.4 – 10.5)

Installation of Flash Player 10

Make sure you have uninstalled previous versions of Flash Player before installing the Flash Player 10 or it might not work properly.

Adobe Flash Player 10 is compatible with WindowsΒ  7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, Server 2003/Server 2008.

Update: 12th March, 2013

Most recent and stable release is the version 11.6.602.171 | File size: 15.71 MB

Get from Adobe (Select your OS and the version your need)

If you require older versions of Flash player visit the archive section.


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caren says:

i can not download the latest flash player because it says safari is interferring . i have installed and uninstalled both. i have downloaded through windows. what gives??

al hambra says:

i am confused about flash player 10.i already downloaded but still it will not work…
what shall i do? i cant watch video on..

parisa says:

thanks for flash player
that is great and work corectly.thanksssssssss.

iso says:

where is the flash player for win7 64 bit???????

J Dub says:

Hey ISO Preach on man I have been looking for Win 7 64 bit version and now have been told that it is still under development. Thats crazy, when you put somthin’ out u should support it.

dinuu says:

i’m looking forward for windows 7 flash player,… πŸ˜›

Arman says:

Hi, i m looking for flahplayer windows 7 64 bit.try to down load. the massege is your java is not enebled. Java is working. i checked but flash player isnt. If its under development, then make it fast, we rnt happy with this 😳
hope 4 the best

vic says:

still can’t download flash player on to windows 7.

alfred says:

ihave instol the flash player 10 bat is not working

hasa says:

hi.i need flash player for win7.pleas help me

Whiskey says:

try – GOM player
free media player that plays most file types
works on Win 7 πŸ˜€

akrwi says:

im lookin for adobe flash palyer

Ashwini A.Khade says:

i download adobe flash..i hv install it also..but its not working nor its showing its update in control pannel..its showing system it defective or what….?????please suggest me what shud i do????

sidra says:

i need flashplyer for window 7…….. πŸ˜₯ πŸ™„ πŸ˜• πŸ˜• plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do something……………… πŸ™„

sara says:

i need flash player for widows 7

mac says:

what is the exact release date on the windows 7 flashplayer

zahid says:

I have installed flash player but not working, as i am using windows 7

hala zakariya says:

i need a flash player used in windows7,please πŸ™ ,i download a flash player but it doesn’t work :'(

naomi says:

Seriously this is rediculous! I buy a new computer with windows7 things are working great since Nov 2009 then I’m told I need to update my flash player…I do just that and now I can’t stream shows on as well as other site that I used to be able to do so on……………NOT HAPPY!!! WTF!!! why do I pay $50 /month for internet and now I can’t even use it to its fullest, I want some answers ASAP!!!

Daryl says:

goto the following site for the BETA Windows 7 flashplayer:

nana says:

thank u

Alexandra Brown says:

The laptop I am using was only purchased in December … Originally, I was able to watch videos using you-tube etc and play certain games using sites … Now, I am unable to watch videous … I have downloaded Flash Player … I have downloaded Java … I have installed and uninstalled … It has not worked for about a month and a half … I am fed up now … And I am sure many other people are too … Something should be done about this inconvenience …
Thank-you πŸ™‚

asd says:

Ψ§Ψ­ΩŠΩ‡ يا ابو سوسو Ψ§Ψ­ΩŠΩ‡

BOSS says:

i need adobe flash player fr windows 7..:):(:)

Taijul says:

This website is one of the bwst web site

al says:

tengqy verysomad

jafar says:

that s good,
i love you

md akir says:

vare good

mellisa says:

it’s really good to have this flash player.

mellisa says:

there would be so much fun!

mellisa says:

like it!

TALHA says:

hey every one check this link this link has flash player for windows 7

Sandeep says:

Thanks a lot…..


i need to adobe flash player please


i need to adobe flash player for windows7

mohamwd mej says:


mohammed says:


saber says:

i need flash player for windows 7 plaese

kotsios says:

i need flash player pls…

Ruby kumari says:

i need to adobe flash player for window7

Ruby kumari says:

i’m not getting adobe flash player 0n my lapi

Kseniq says:

I need adobe flash player for my windows 7!Pleaseeee

Mayuri says:

I need abode flash player for windows 7 ultimate……. plssss……….

lauren says:

finally figured it out what you have to do is download google chrome and then download adobe flash player

pithon kamau says:

where can i get flash player for windows 7?

henrydeng52@yahoo,com says:

i need the adobe flash player for windows 7 plass help me

rabe3 hassan says:

@ana bidi al flash pler now

shikha says:

how can i install adobe flashplayer ……plz help me

ftm says:

I need flash player for windows 7

Prince-Ali says:

please help me. i need to adoble flash player10 for windows7

abbas says:

i donot know how to install adobe flash player on windows 7

NISHA says:

i need the adobe flash player for windows 7 plass help me

omkar says:

I need flash player to watch online videos.not only I download it from adobe but also install it.but it doesnt work.plz my pc need adobe flash player.

pls reply my question says:

i am comfirm i had download the adobe flash player 10
but after finish download~i click open~it tell me that i cant~~wtf!!! i am using window 7~and it say window 7 can use it~~now y i cant use it???i want to play mine fb game!!!!!can any 1 help me???pls!!!!

jawed akhtar says:

i have download flash player but not working

aisha says:

i have downloaded flash player10 nd i am using windows7.but its not working plz hhelp

Shashank says:

New version, Flash Player 10.2 is now available for Windows 7, download it from here

BOY IN TH says:

hi.i need flash player for win7.pleas help me thanks


i am not able to download & i don ‘t know what is the problem

Ahmadreza says:

I dunno that why i’m not able to see flash video in any site or specially
in but i already have the latest adobe flash player
and i think there is adobe player is exist for windows as like as
adobe flash player for IE /// adobe flash player for None IE /// adobe shockwave
player … now go there and dl all the latest version adobe flash player in RS plz ?

Sorry for asking again but help me plz ?

Best Regards

yadgar says:

swpas bo xzmatakantan

Nanu says:

Why can’t i get direct download of flash player 10.

Ahmadreza says:


When ya downloding from direct link what message displayed for ya ?

I think ya live in country that my not allows access to some sites, Just like me πŸ™

kuldeep says:

i need the download adobe flash player plz help me

shari says:

I want to download flash player, but I cant so please help me for download it

Ahmadreza says:

Unfortunately the ADOBE site to download the products, have boycotted some countries!!!
Especially to download for ADOBE FLASH PLAYER.

Well, the truth is the company has for america A country that claims of human rights and justice and equality is [LoL]!!! So don’t bother yourself to download any files from ADOBE site.

hedi says:

i want flash player please help me

D> says:

I Have Downloaded the flash Player<and installed it But it still does not work!
I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate!!!
what could be wrong?????
help please!!

Dj Dayat says:

I can’t to get flash player,, tell me how about to get that

ambika says:

i need flash player for windes7………….plz of someting




PLEASE CANCEL Adobe plash payer.thanks

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