Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 OS: Video Preview

4 August 2009 By Shashank

windows-mobile-7 Microsoft has definitely learned a lot from the snappy interface of Apple’s iPhone, they are coming with Windows Mobile 7 OS targeting premium mobiles phones to challenge the Apple realm. Windows Mobile 7 has almost been developed from ground up sporting a new User Interface with Finger Flick Navigation, better web browser. Unique to WinMo 7 is the MyPhone service that lets you backup/store your mobile data like pictures, emails, SMS’s online via syncing, the service will be free to use with 200MB  storage limit and requires Windows Live ID to login, a premium version may also be rolled out later with more storage. It even features remote locking and remote wiping of your mobile from web interface in an event of mobile theft. Windows Mobile 7 will also feature Microsoft’s own application store where users can purchase various applications and games just like in Apple’s App Store.

Microsoft Windows Mobile OS 7 Demo Video

The Mobile shown in the video is the HTC Touch Diamond 2 with final build of Windows Mobile 6.5,  there will be two releases, Windows Mobile 6.5 and  Windows Mobile 7, however Windows Mobile 7 will be available only to selected premium mobiles which meets the minimum specifications laid by Microsoft for premium experience, it will support multi touch too, all other mobiles will use Windows Mobile 6.5.

Windows Mobile 7 Release Date:

Release is expected in December 2009, just after Windows 7.

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Abhishek says:

Will i be able to upgrade my WM 6 to 7??

WRONG says:

You guys should stick with your trendy iphones because you certainly don’t know your windows mobile. That video and image is the final build of wm6.5 not wm7! Nobody knows anything about wm7 yet as it’s not coming out till 2010. WM6.5 isn’t even officially out yet.

You don’t even mention 6.5 in your article lol…

Shashank says:

can’t say anything as of now, you have to wait till it comes out.

Thanks for pointing out, edited the post.

Abhishek says:

thnx for the info Shashank…

Pc tricks says:

Really amazing, When this os goin to release?

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