Download ISRO’s BHUVAN: India’s Google Earth [Mini Review]

21 August 2009 By Shashank


Indian Space Research Organization has recently launched its indigenously developed 3D Virtual Earth software named BHUVAN with special emphasis on India, it has been marketed as the Google Earth killer and is available for free download via plugin. I have just tried it, it is pathetically slow and nothing  in it impressed me much, Google Earth is far better, the slowness of BHUVAN renders it useless, who would wait for minutes for it to load, only to hang after that. The said zooming upto 10 meters is far from reality, in zooming it is even worse than Google Earth even for India imagery. As BHUVAN is still in its beta version, lets hope future versions to fix the bugs and make it atleast usable.

Features of BHUVAN:

  • Explore Earth in 3D
  • Better much closer view of India’s Geography
  • Fly to locations
  • Snapshot creation
  • Heads-Up Display ( HUD) naviation controls ( Tilt slider, north indicator, opacity, compass ring, zoom slider)
  • Measurement tools (Horizontal distance, aerial distance, vertical distance, measure area)

How to Download and Install BHUVAN

Step 1: Registration at ISRO Bhuvan website

BHUVAN download registration

Step 2: Download Bhuvan Plugin

Download BHUVAN

Links: First you need to register at Indian Govt. BHUVAN Website, after that Download BHUVAN Plugin from here. The website is pathetically slow and might not load for you.

In that case use BHUVAN Beta Alternate Download links

Download BHUVAN from Deposit Files

ISRO’s BHUVAN Download from Hotfile

Once you have registered and downloaded BHUVAN and installed it, Enter Bhuvan Web Client (requires username/password you used while registering). Enjoy

Welcome to ISRO 3D World


Maximum zoom in Bhuvan at some random place in India

max zoom Bhuvan

Max zoom in Bhuvan, of some place in Delhi, India

max zoom Bhuvan delhi

Rating: 4/10

Have you tried BHUVAN, Did you liked it?

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love it more thon google(not joking) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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pls tell me how to register into bhuvan beta

Pawan says:

pls tell me how to register into bhuvan beta

Download the latest plugin for Bhuvan

noor says:

please tell how i can download and use bhuvan isro bhuvan, reply me…

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vist you will find all the details to download bhuvan

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visit you will find all the details to download bhuvan


want to visit isro bhuvan

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how i get bhuvan to download

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I want to bhuvan

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kyaa tomha bhuvan download nahi karna aata!!!

azam says:

competation with google earth,no ways

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please tell how i can download and use bhuvan isro bhuvan, reply me…

sampath reddy challa says:

if u know how to down load plz give an url

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Sir,Please i requested to valuble sir please arrenge easily domnloadable soft wares to mobile sets. Thanks to ISRO.

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