Spectacular Ubisoft RUSE Gameplay on IntuiFace Touchscreen Computer [Future of Gaming]

26 July 2009 By Shashank


This is a video demo of the upcoming Ubisoft’s RTS game R.U.S.E on the IntuiLabs IntuiFace Touchscreen surface computer which will be the closest competitor to Microsoft’s Surface when it launches and might even came out to be better.

R.U.S.E is being developed for Xbox 360, PS3 and IntuiFace by Eugen Systems in Paris, the level of detail and natural touch interface to control the game elements is by far the most spectacular I’ve ever seen. This is like a dream of many RTS gamers come true, but it will take a while for R.U.S.E to launch and Intuilab’s IntuiFace touchscreen surface computer won’t come out before 2010.

So how much does this technology cost?

Price of Single IntuiFace Surface Computer is expected to be around staggering $20,000, there are two models of IntuiFace, 40 inch and 45 inch Full HD version, both are powered by Quad core processor and will become available for Windows XP/Vista, Linux and Mac OS.

Watch More IntuiFace Videos

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