Fujifilm Intros Amazing 3D Digital Camera: FINEPIX REAL 3D W1

24 July 2009 By Shashank

fujifilmreal3dw1 camera

Fujifilm has introduced a new digital camera with capabilities of capturing 3D videos and 3D still images, the REAL 3D W1 camera has dual lens and sensors combo  which shoots regular 2D images at 10 Megapixels and combine them to create a stereoscopic 3D image. It also boasts of a 3X optical zoom with 3D functionality, you can also shoot 3D Still photos, which can be enjoyed on its special 2.8 inch 3D viewing LCD screen without the need of additional 2D glasses.

3d Digital Camera

Fujifilm 3D W1 Digital Camera marks the beginning of new world of personal 3D cameras, which are sure to impress everyone, it is powered by FinePix REAL 3D Technology and 3D lens system which is capable of capturing high quality 3D images, thanks to high precision lens alignment technology combined with superb resolution, on the inside, it is powered by Real Photo Processer 3D, a newly developed processor which makes independent image capture and alignment possible to produce a stunning 3D image.

Fujifilm also announced its companion viewer, REAL 3D V1, its a 8 inch 3D photo frame to enjoy the 3D pictures without the need of 3D glasses.

fujifilmreal3dv1-photo frame

Prices of REAL 3D W1 Digital camera and REAL 3D V1 photoframe are still under wraps, but they  will be hitting the stores in September.

Fujifilm REAL 3D W1 Camera

See 3D picture in action

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Kevin says:

This is an excellent achievement from FujiFilm and I hope the technology catches on. If the price is not totally insane i’m going to try to get my hands on one of these!

Alexander K. says:

Has anyone of you great reviewers had a model in your hands?
Where are some pictures you shot? Where is even a bit more than in the info of fuji in the web?

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