eBay India Gift Coupon Codes and Vouchers [eBay Promotions]

2 July 2009 By Shashank

Ebay Gift codes-vouchers

If you are  a regular shopper of eBay India, you might have noticed that eBay.in has stopped giving discount coupon codes for a while, instead they are running eBay Promotion scheme in which if you buy anything above Rs 1,000, Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000, you will become eligible for different gifts from eBay India.


List of Free gifts from eBay.in and their Gift Codes


  • If you buy anything above Rs 1,000 you are eligible for the following gifts


Enter eBay Gift Code : UV9ZBJZJKP for a Sandisk 2GB flashdrive –Recommended

Enter eBay Gift Code : PVR1OYQKN9 for a USB Light

Enter eBay Gift Code : MRVDIJAUUX for a iBall i675 Headset (Do not opt for this one, very poor quality)

Enter eBay Gift Code : IYMB4MEOHQ for a Fire Extinguisher


  • If you buy anything above Rs 5,000 you are eligible for the following gifts


Enter eBay Gift Code : SYIGGITBLK for a Plantronics Explorer 220 –Recommended

Enter eBay Gift Code : BFJUFCLJKU for a Moser Baer 565 2GB MP3 Player

Enter eBay Gift Code : 4XGTNYUOZY for a iBall Face 2 Face C 8.0 Webcam –Recommended

Enter eBay Gift Code : RYS5F75AIX for a Deccan Charger Backpack


  • If you buy anything above Rs 10,000 you are eligible for the following gifts


Enter eBay Gift Code : ZDUG7X23HX for a Belkin Laptop Trolly Backpack -Recommended

Enter eBay Gift Code : DZQFTPLTI7 for a Transcend 160GB Portable HDD –Highly Recommended

Enter eBay Gift Code : AUHWJSRT30 for a Titan Women’s Wristwatch

Enter eBay Gift Code : PE4M4YSLIM for a Titan Men’s Wristwatch


Note: These gifts will only be delivered to the eBay account owner’s address and not to the shipping address, so make sure you have the correct address associated with your eBay account.

Shipping time of eBay gifts: 5 to 45 days, you will get a verification call from eBay  executive once they are ready to dispatch your gift to ensure the correct shipping address.

After this promotion, the eBay discount coupon codes are expected to become available again.

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Jenny says:

I’m always looking for more ebay discount coupon codes. Thank you for posting these!! 🙂

prateek says:

i tried all but all of the them are expired now could u please updated it .

thx again

Sunil says:

I’m trying to avail the monsoon magic gifts. I’m not sure wheather the total purchasing amount should be over 999/9999 etc. or single payment.

I tried to purchase two items to make a total of >999 but they bill seperately. How can i combine to make a total of more than 999. Please suggest/update – help

Shashank says:


to combine

Use the button “Add to Cart” to add different items to your ebay.in cart and do the checkout in the end, make sure the value of purchased items are above Rs 999 in total

Code – Monsoon001 for HP 2GB Pendrive

devansh hora says:

Are there any coupons vadid till april15 ????????
If yes please tell me….

jaseel says:

pleeeeees update the codes…..pleeeeeeeeeeees

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