Download Free Unlock Software for iPhone 3GS: Purplesn0w [Unlocking iPhone 3GS]

15 July 2009 By Shashank

GeoHotz the guy behind the first iPhone 3GS Jailbreaking software purplera1n has released another cool iPhone 3GS unlocking software Purplesn0w, if you are facing any trouble with Wi-Fi, failing battery etc by using Ultrasn0w unlocking software then you should definitely give purplesn0w a try. George Hotz is claiming it be the first unlock application to be very close to a true unlock.


Instructions to Unlock iPhone 3GS


  • You must have a Jailbroken iPhone 3GS
  • Its a beta version so backup your iPhone first
  • Disable 3G
  • Add source in Cydia
  • Search and install purplesn0w
  • Reboot
  • Now you have successfully unlocked your iPhone 3GS

via geohot blog

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sami says:

Hey Every one could you send me details for unlocking iphone all model please because i working on mobile shop in France so i need to know about Htc and iphone unlock in detail with link please any one guide me

Rajmohan says:

Kindly give me the Solution for Unlock my i-phone

pawan says:

please tell me how to unlock my iphone when i upgraded to 3.1

shanker says:

Kindly give me the Solution for Unlock my i-phone

karim says:

i have iphone 3gs 16gb can u tell me how i can unlocked it please

INder says:

pls tell me how to unlock iphone 4g ________please req

Shashank says:


Download latest ultrasn0w from Cydia after jailbreaking your iPhone 4. just visit from your iPhone4 for jailbreak.

azha says:

me iphone 3gs download software

kamalakannan says:

please help me out in unlocking my i phone 3gs..

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