Asus Eee PC T1 Touchscreen Netbook Priced at $499

19 July 2009 By Shashank

t91-Touchscreen netbook

Asus the pioneers of the netbook revolution has launched another trump card with the affordable Eee PC T91 touchscreen netbook priced sweetly at $499, with this Asus has started another era of touchscreen netbooks and it will be followed by other manufactures. The T91 EeePC Touch specifications has disappointed though, it is powered by a Intel Atom Z520 processor clocked at sluggish 1.33 GHz, small 16GB SSD, they would have make it better but then they also have to release more models in the future with slightly different specs as they did with the Eee Netbooks.

t91-Touchscreen tablet

If you need  a touchscreen netbook/tablet on a budget then this should be definitely your choice, Asus has bundled a suite of programs to make the Asus EeePC T91 Touch friendly and easy to work on.

Features of Asus EeePC Touch T91:

  • Intel 1.33 GHz Processor
  • 8.9 Inch Touchscreen Display
  • Tablet convertible
  • 1GB DDR2 RAM
  • 16GB SSD and 16 GB SDHC Card
  • Windows XP Home
  • Asus TouchSuite User Interface
  • 5 Hour Battery Life

If you are not satisfied with its configuration then later this year, Asus will release another EeePC Touch Variant T101 with 10 inch touchscreen,better hardware, a better keyboard and possibly with Windows 7.

T91 is now available at Amazon $499

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