ViGlance – Windows 7 SuperBar for XP

6 May 2009 By Rakshit


One of the most prominent features of Windows 7 is its SuperBar. Those who don’t know much about SuperBar, I must tell you that it is a refined form of the taskbar which you see in XP or Vista. In other words, it is a Iconized Taskbar i.e. it shows only the icons of all the running applications. Also, those icons can be rearranged in the SuperBar. Few days back, I have talked about how to get similar Iconized Taskbar in XP and Vista as well. But the problem with that was the size of the taskbar buttons which were same as earlier. In Windows 7, the size of buttons in SuperBar is a bit larger than what we normally see in XP and Vista. So today let’s focus on how to get Windows 7 SuperBar in Windows XP.

ViGlance is a FREE utility that provides Windows 7 look a like SuperBar in XP i.e. Iconized Taskbar plus bigger buttons. The best part about this application is that no installation is required.

It’s a portable application, just run it and you are good to go.

Key features of ViGlance are:-

  • Keep taskbar clean and better organized by logical grouping system.
  • Display 48×48 icons on the taskbar. Bigger in size icons making it quicker to identify and manage your tasks.
  • Replace XP start button with a 7 orb replica.
  • Get smooth fade over effect in Start orb.
  • Windows 7 style transitional effects when switching between tasks.
  • Above all, it’s totally FREE to use.

Download it from HERE.

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