Shopping from eBay India: Buyer Protection Tips

23 May 2009 By Shashank

Ebay Buyer protection 

eBay India is a great place to get the best deals but if you do not take enough care, there is every possibility that a great deal might turn out sour leaving you unsatisfied quenching on your decision, though eBay’s PaisaPay offer full buyer protection but there have been instances where the buyer can’t do anything. Follow these tips to ensure safe and confident deals on

Buyer Protection tips – Before Buying checklist:

  • How old is the seller
  • Look for recent feedback from buyers: you must check if the previous buyers of items were satisfied or not, more the positive feedback, more the trust and more the sellers reputation.
  • Check the rating stars previous buyers have given like shipping time and Item description
  • Power sellers can be trusted but then also check their recent feedback
  • Before ordering ask the seller if he has current stock or else you may have to wait more than expected
  • Avoid high worth deals with new sellers, no matter how good the deal is, Best practice is to avoid new sellers with too good deals that are hard to believe
  • Communicate over phone with the seller to ask about other details if you aren’t sure
  • Check if the product has Manufacturer’s Indian warranty or Dealer’s warranty
  • Avoid dealers warranty on products as they are mostly black market imported products but they do offer great prices, go for them only if you are willing to take risk. In Dealers warranty you will have to pay for the parts if they are to be replaced.
  • If possible prefer buying items from sellers in/near your city for obvious reasons: In one case I was not satisfied with the product that was delivered to me and  it was from power seller, I told him that I will give the worst possible negative feedback if he didn’t replaced the piece, he offered me immediate replacement, I went to the shop and got a new seal packed replacement, only then I gave the seller positive feedback.

Ebay India Contact No/Helpline no/Customer care

1800 209 3229 (All networks)

Call timings 7 days a week, anytime between 9:30 AM to 7.30 PM.

How to contact Ebay Support :

Ebay also provides support via live online chat and email, Login to, Go to My PaisaPay and click on PaisaPay customer support  under Contacts.

Do share your safety tips/advice/experiences in comments.

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dreamtec says:

well, is pretty safe and they take it very seriously, once i got a refund from ebay because of non delivery of shipment, they however took 7-8 days to process the refund.

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