How to Get Windows 7 Volume Control Box in Windows XP

5 May 2009 By Rakshit

Windows 7 Volume Control

Windows 7 has got all new volume control box that looks great as far as graphics are concerned. Now you can also get this redesigned volume control in you Windows XP as well.

Just follow the below mentioned steps:-

  1. Download a zip file from HERE and extract it to some location.
  2. Open RUN, type %windir%\system32 and press Enter. The System32 folder will get opened.
  3. Search for file sndvol32.exe in that folder.
  4. Now you need to replace this file with the one present in the zip file that you just downloaded.
  5. But since sndvol32.exe is a system file so you might not have permission to do that.
  6. Download WFP Patcher from HERE and run it. This will disable WFP (Windows File Protection) service that is responsible for protecting system files.
  7. Now you can easily replace the file sndvol32.exe with the one that you downloaded earlier.
  8. That’s it you are done. Just restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Note: – Before replacing sndvol32.exe, don’t forget to take the backup of the original file. If in future you want to revert back to the original volume control box, you will require the original sndvol32.exe file to do that.

Or, you may get the original file from this folder as well – %windir%\system32\dllcache

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