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2 May 2009 By Rakshit

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Earlier I have talked about how to customize system tray date format in Windows 7 to show date and month names as well. But this feature is missing in Windows XP and Vista as well. But now even XP and Vista users can enjoy this feature by one very simple to use application.

TClock is a very small and portable application that can be used to get the Windows 7 look a like date and time format in Windows XP and Vista. It customizes the system tray clock to show not only the time but date and time both that too in various other formats as well. The best part about TClock is that it is absolutely FREE to use.


  • Download the application from HERE and extract the file to some location.
  • Run TClock.exe
  • You will see an icon in the system tray. Now right click on that icon and go to TClock Properties.
  • Expand the Clock node and click on Format.
  • Under the Customize format field, enter the following value:-

Hh:mm:ss tt \n ddd, dd mmm yyyy

  • Click on OK and you are done.

For more information on this value please refer below:-

d,dd -> day

ddd,dddd -> day of the week

M -> month

Y -> year

So for example:-

d-m-y -> 26-4-9

dd-mm-yy -> 26-04-09

ddd-mmm-yyy -> Sun-Apr-2009

dddd-mmmm-yyyy -> Sunday-April-2009

ddd dd-MM-yyyy -> Sun 26-Apr-2009

Few other key features of TClock are:

  • No installation required.
  • Can change Clock color and font.
  • Its size and position.
  • Can be used to set alarms.
  • Can access Task Manager and Taskbar Properties.
  • Above all, it’s totally FREE to use.

Download it from HERE.


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People, like me, who have used T-Clock since way back in ’95 when Kazuban first wrote it, generally agree that the best version, to date, is one written by a fellow who calls himself “Stoic Joker.” He stripped-out some features from others’ versions, leaving only the most useful… which most of us agree actually made it better (certainly lighter and less resource-intensive).

Stoic Joker’s version is also the one which most people seem to find works best in Vista. It works in older Windows versions, too, mind you… and, who knows, it may even work in Windows 7 (though I’ve not tested that yet)… but Stoic Joker’s version seems to be the one which gives people the least amount of trouble in Vista… even 64-bit Vista… for whatever that’s worth.

Sadly, Stoic Joker’s web site (from which one may download his version) tends to be down a lot… nearly all the time, lately. He also posted in a forum in early 2009 that he had had a catastrophic system failure of some kind which caused him to lose some of his most recent T-Clock code… so who knows if there will even ever be another, newer version.

So, to ensure that the world would always have a reliable place from which Stoic Joker’s version could be downloaded (and where useful configuration information could also be found), I mounted my own “unofficial” T-Clock web page. It has no advertising on it, no adware/malware, no gimmicks, no ulterior motives. I’m just trying to help out.

So, if anyone’s interested in Stoic Joker’s version…


Gregg L. DesElms

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