Get Transparent Notepad in Windows 7

29 May 2009 By Rakshit

Transparent Notepad
Earlier, we have talked about Glassy CMD that gives transparency look to your Windows 7 Command Prompt window. Now let’s learn how to give the same transparency look along with few additional features to the Notepad.

Transparent Notepad is a FREE and small utility that has got all the features of normal Windows Notepad along with few extra features plus glassy look as well. You can use it as an alternative to the default windows notepad. It comes with a small toolbar from where you can access most of the frequently used features.

Few additional features are:-

  • Rich Text Support.
  • Image Insertion.
  • Use of Paragraph and bullets.

Transparent Notepad is compatible with Windows XP and Vista as well.

Download it from HERE.

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try StNotepad also, visit for more information.

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