Download Monitores To Automatically Turn Off Monitor Display

6 May 2009 By Rakshit


Well friends, its time to go Green with Monitores. I must tell you that monitors consume lots of energy and it is advisable that if you are not at your desk or if you are not using your PC, you should turn off your monitor to save electricity.

Recently, I found a utility that can do that job for you. Monitores is a simple, free and portable utility which helps you to save electricity. It can be used to turn off monitor or activate screensaver automatically when your computer is not in use for example when you lock down your computer. This can save energy and also your electricity bill. Also when you lock your machine, it will pause all your media programs like Window Media Player & set your IM Messengers like Google Talk status message to “Away” and restore it back to normal when you login again. You can simply add it to your windows startup tasks’ list and every time you start your computer, you will see it running in the system tray.

This utility comes handy especially if you own a laptop. Unlike normal monitors, most of the laptops do not have the option to switch off the screen display. So you can use Monitores to either switch off the display or to change it to screensaver mode. With just the help of a single hot key – Ctrl+F2, you can switch on/off your monitor display.

Download it from HERE.

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