Codemasters FUEL is the Largest Racing Game Ever Made

24 May 2009 By Shashank


Even before its release Codemasters open world racing game FUEL is building records, it has been awarded the biggest racing game with largest playable environment ever in a video game by Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition. The epic racing game is coming to all three platforms PlayStation 3, XBox and PC for everyone to enjoy.

From the Guinness World Records Certificate:

Largest playable area in a console game: The largest playable environment in a console game is 5,560 sq mi (14,400 km²), and is featured in FUEL (Codemasters, 2009). The area features rivers, deserts, forests and mountains and was demonstrated at the offices of Guinness World Records, London, UK, on 20 May 2009.

The size of the game is so big that if you want to drive from one side of the map to another it will take over 3 hours of driving. The game offers 19 environmental regions and  is also featuring some of the most dramatic weather effects like tornadoes, lightning ever seen in a racing game. The game also includes a Multiplayer component in which upto 16 players can play at one go, users will also be able to create their own races.

Codemasters FUEL

The game is expected to hit stores on May 26 but recent reports suggests it has been delayed by a week or so.

Expected Price of Codemasters FUEL in India:

FUEL for PS3: Rs 2499

FUEL for XBOX 360: Rs 2499

FUEL for PC: Rs 999

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This game gonna be very best of the open world games……
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UdiT says:

just wondering…How many Double Layer DVD’s will come with this game.. 😆

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nice graphic and nice game,

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