In all earlier versions of Windows, every Hardisk’s partition comes with a drive letter and you can optionally set drive name as well. But in Windows 7 both drive letter and drive name are optional. Continue Reading →

Transparent Notepad
Earlier, we have talked about Glassy CMD that gives transparency look to your Windows 7 Command Prompt window. Now let’s learn how to give the same transparency look along with few additional features to the Notepad. Continue Reading →


Microsoft Zune family goes HD with all new Zune HD with features like OLED Multi-touchscreen, FM, Wi-Fi, HD Output and several more, The device has been named Zune HD as it can output HD  Movies via HDMI docking station(sold separately) to a HDTV,  the new Zune HD also sports a widescreen display with 16:9 aspect ratio at 480 x 272 resolution. Additionally the HD PMP is expected to have a 3.3 inch screen size and will integrate full screen web browser with multi-touch capabilities and built-in HD Radio receiver. Nothing enticing, as it seems to be just another PMP, lets see how it stands up to compete against Apple iPod Touch when full details gets revealed at E3.

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Even before its release Codemasters open world racing game FUEL is building records, it has been awarded the biggest racing game with largest playable environment ever in a video game by Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition. The epic racing game is coming to all three platforms PlayStation 3, XBox and PC for everyone to enjoy.

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Ebay India Discount codes Online shopping in India is catching up and on the forefront is Ebay India, they have been pretty generous about giving discount coupon codes, various deals of the week and wide variety of inventory of nationwide sellers to choose from. Lately I have been buying many things from Ebay.in and almost everytime I’ve got a deal that otherwise I wouldn’t have find with local retailers and all this has been possible with discount coupon codes.

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Ebay Buyer protection 

eBay India is a great place to get the best deals but if you do not take enough care, there is every possibility that a great deal might turn out sour leaving you unsatisfied quenching on your decision, though eBay’s PaisaPay offer full buyer protection but there have been instances where the buyer can’t do anything. Follow these tips to ensure safe and confident deals on eBay.in

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If you want to pin Recycle Bin directly to your Windows 7 taskbar, just follow these simple steps and you will be able to do that without any problem. Continue Reading →

Glassy CMD
The most talked about feature in Windows 7 is the Aero feature which gives the transparency look to the windows. If you have got a good graphics card, then you must have enjoyed this great feature. But what surprises me a lot is that Microsoft has not changed the look of Command Prompt window. It’s the same old command prompt that has been left untouched since the launch of first windows version. Continue Reading →

If you are fed up of default windows calculator, it’s time to try something new, something more advanced that can make your daily mathematical calculations a lot easier. We all know that the default windows calculator can only perform few basic functions like add, sub, multiply etc. It has got few limited features and can only be used for day to day simple calculations. Continue Reading →

By now everyone must have come to know that Windows 7 is full of unique and exceptional features. We have talked about many features that can make your windows experience better than before. But you would be delighted to know that you can in fact turn on or off these features according to your liking. It can be desktop gadgets, tablet PC components , Internet Explorer 8 and many more. Continue Reading →

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