Download RichCopy to Pause and Resume Copying of Files

22 April 2009 By Rakshit


I always wanted to resume and pause the copying of files in Windows like we do when we download any files from Internet. If we are copying large files and folders from one location to another, it certainly takes a bit of time especially if you are copying them to some external storage device.

Recently I found an application that can really speed up the copying process and more than that it gives you the option to deliberately pause and resume while copying files.

RichCopy is a free and very light weight file copy tool that has got many advanced features. It not only allows you to pause and resume while copying but also you can optimize it to copy faster without consuming much memory. It is a multi threaded application so instead of copying files one by one, it uses multi threaded copying technique i.e. performing parallel copying process. This makes RichCopy very fast while consuming less of memory.

Its user interface is very easy to understand. It comes with play, pause and stop buttons which you can use to copy files from one location to another. Just specify the Source and Destination folders, click on Play button and that’s it you are good to go. It has also got an Option button that provides you an entry zone to the lot more advanced features. There is a copying Method, Mode, Thread Number and lot more.

Download it from HERE.

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