Ketarin – Automatically Keep Your Setup Files Up-To-Date

27 March 2009 By Rakshit


I have got a huge software dump on my computer but most of those software installers are outdated ones. Obviously, I don’t have that much time to update all of those one by one. Depending upon the usage, I again download the latest version of those softwares from internet and replace the old ones with this newer version. But certainly it is a wastage of time. What’s the point of keeping so many old versions of setup installers?

Now I have found an application that can automatically take care of all this and will surely save considerate amount of time. Ketarin is a simple application that will automatically  keep your setup installers up-to-date. It will update all your setup files with just a single click. So now you can keep latest versions of few important software installers in your USB drives and can use them wherever you go.

It keeps track of any changes in the contents of web pages and downloads files to a specified location automatically.Currently, it takes the services of FileHippo to monitor the latest version of softwares.

Few key features of Ketarin (in their own words) are:

  • Clean User-Interface.
  • Groupable application overview
  • Flexible methods to specify save paths
  • Regular expression support
  • Group applications by user defined categories

Its an open source application written in C#.Net with SQLite as backend. So if you want to contribute to this project, you can do that anytime.

Download it from HERE. (File Size – 730 KB)

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