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8 March 2009 By Rakshit


Ever wondered how to protect your important files and personal data stored in your USB drive? In fact, whenever we lend our portable hard disks or pen drives to our friends, we first delete all our personal stuffs from that, isn’t it? Now by using File Encryption Software you don’t have to delete your girlfriend’s pics every time you want to share your USB drives with anybody.

File Encryption is a portable file encryption software that can be used to protect your files and personal data by scrambling the information into an inaccessible form. The information will then appear scrambled to anyone who attempts to access the file which means from outside your files will look like any other normal files but when you try to open them it will not. After encryption it will change your files into a kind of corrupted files that cannot be opened. The encrypted files can only be decrypted using File Encryption and that too only after entering the password which was used earlier to encrypt it.

Few important features:-

  • No installation required.
  • Supports as many as 12 encryption algorithms.
  • Encrypt your files in your computer, store it in your USB drive and they will still be in encrypted format.
  • Just 862 KB in size.
  • Above all it’s totally FREE to use.

So now you can store all your personal data like credit card information, your online banking passwords or anything for that matter in your own computer without any thing to worry about.

Try it, explore it and I am sure you are going to love it.

Download it from HERE.

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