Bookmarks Sync: Foxmarks Hatches into Xmarks

7 March 2009 By Ankit Duseja

XmarksWe all love Firefox and most of the Firefox users have adopted to its bookmarks synchronization add-on Foxmarks. There is no doubt that it is the best bookmarks syncing program already but the Foxmarks team are still working to make it better. It seems like they now want this Firefox add-on to hatch into a separate project which will work with a variety of different browsers while not syncing bookmarks but passwords and other personal settings. Thus they have dropped the word ‘Fo’ from the Foxmarks making it just Xmarks extracting the Firefox shadow from its name.

It seems like Xmarks team is preparing up to fight the upcoming challenges like Weave which does the same functionality but is being developed by Mozilla Community. Weave will only be available for Firefox while Foxmarks is already available for Internet Explorer and Safari. But weave is also developing another feature which does not yet exist with any synchronization service – Addon and complete Firefox profile synchronization.

Xmarks Suggestion

Xmarks not only syncs bookmarks and passwords but not it will also suggest 5 related sites to the page you are currently viewing. Think it just like the StumbleUpon, you visit a website and clicking on Xmarks icon in address bar will show you Top 5 similar websites. Xmarks is also designed to provide extra information in Google search results.

The team is not in a hurry to through it as update in Firefox addon updates, you can grab it from here. It will automatically replace the old version of foxmarks and will update without any hitch. You don even need to re-configure it as all settings remain intact. Xmarks is currently available for Firefox only but the team is expecting to release it for Internet Explorer and Safari soon.

Download Xmarks here.

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