BestCrypt Traveller – Encryption is Easy Again!

8 March 2009 By Rakshit


Earlier we learnt how to encrypt your personal data stored in USB drives by portable File Encryption utility.  What if you want to protect complete folder including all files in it? What if we store all files and folders, which need to be encrypted, all together at the same place?

BestCrypt Traveller creates a kind of virtual drive called a Container in which we can store all files and folders that we want to protect. This application then encrypts this whole drive. This will make our life easy. No need to manually decrypt each and every thing one by one. All we need to do is to mount this virtual drive (Encrypted Containers) into your system using BestCrypt Traveller and you will have easy access to all your important stuffs.

Few key features are:-

  • No installation needed.
  • New Containers are created using AES encryption algorithm and KG-Ghost Key Generator.
  • Container size can vary any where between 4KB to 8.5 GB.
  • Encrypted Containers can be mounted on any machine using BestCrypt Traveller.
  • Supports 10 different languages.
  • Totally FREE to use.

Download it from HERE.

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