I am sure many times you must have fallen into a situation wherein you wanted to capture text from images but somehow couldn’t able to do that. People try various things but end up writing down everything manually through keyboard. Now there is a  simple solution for this problem. Continue Reading →


One of the most prominent features of Linux OS is the 3D multiple desktop accessibility. Windows OS is far behind when it comes to 3D GUI which is available only in Linux. But still you can try it out in Windows as well with the help of few third-party applications like DeskHedron. Continue Reading →


I have got a huge software dump on my computer but most of those software installers are outdated ones. Obviously, I don’t have that much time to update all of those one by one. Depending upon the usage, I again download the latest version of those softwares from internet and replace the old ones with this newer version. But certainly it is a wastage of time. What’s the point of keeping so many old versions of setup installers? Continue Reading →

Windows Live
All of us want our system to run fast without getting hanged, right? To achieve this, every now and then we try to fix our system using various tools and applications. But most of the softwares we use has limited functionality. For example, registry tools can only manage Windows registry, Anti-virus can only protect your system from viruses, trojans and other similar harmful programs etc. But what if you want all these and many more features bundled out into one single application? Continue Reading →


One thing that is so special about Windows 7 is that it is more customizable. You can change the look and feel of your Windows 7 according to your liking with just few clicks here and there. This was missing in all the previous versions of Windows. In earlier versions of Windows like XP or Vista, customization was very difficult until unless you take help of some third-party software which will surely put your system files under risk. People tried various hacks to customize their Windows but many times they ended with their system files getting corrupted. Continue Reading →

Max Payne 3

One of my favorite games Max Payne will be returning with their third sequel scheduled for winter 2009, Rockstar has confirmed that Max Payne 3 is currently under development and it will start a new chapter in Max Payne’s life with older Max embroiled in the world of corruption, turmoil and intense violence.

Continue Reading →


Your favorite instant messaging client Pidgin is also available as a portable application by the name Pidgin Portable. Now wherever you go, you can take your IM settings and buddy lists along with you.

For all those people who still don’t know about extensive features of Pidgin, my favorite instant messaging client, here is a brief recap. Pidgin is a multi-protocol instant messaging client that supports Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN AOL, ICQ and more. That means with the help of one single application you can log into multiple networks that too at the same time. Above all it’s FREE to use. Continue Reading →


All Windows 7 users might have noticed that there are very few themes available for customization. But if you are not content with those default themes, the good news is there are few hidden themes in Windows 7 as well. Microsoft has restricted the availability of these to certain regional countries only such as Australia, Canada, Great Britain, United States and South Africa. I don’t know why they have done so but in spite of that you can get easy access to those hidden and locked themes by just following the below mentioned simple steps. Continue Reading →


Ever since the release of Windows 7 pre-beta build, its getting recognition from all over the world. People have started customizing their older version of Windows to get new Windows 7 look and feel. To continue our own series of customizations, here is yet another tutorial to get Windows 7 Calculator in Windows Vista. Continue Reading →

  Yauba: Indian Search Engine
When we talk about World Wide Web (popularly known as WWW) search, the first thing comes in our mind is GOOGLE. In fact, whenever we think about searching Internet, Google Search is the first thing we look upon. For past few years, many search engines had been launched but none are as popular as Google Search. Now comes  YAUBA  a new experimental, Indian search engine with some special features, main one being protecting privacy of users. Continue Reading →

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